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Published: April 4, 2011

I've been adopted!

Age: 7-8 years

Gender: Female

UPDATE, 10/23/2011: In the six weeks Miss Molly has been with us, her personality has blossomed, and she seems like a new, and younger, dog. She wanted us to send an update so those looking to add a sweet, gentle, and spunky lady to their family could learn more about her. Molly has come to terms with all three of the resident dogs, and she has recently started to initiate play time on occasion. She especially loves to engage her smallest foster brother in a game of chase, trading off who does the chasing. She has also discovered the dog toy basket and sometimes, when she thinks no one is looking, she will pull out most of the toys to find a good one to shake around. Molly continues to love walks and has become a little more vocal in the yard, primarily to announce the trail of a squirrel or to converse with other neighborhood beagles. She is quiet in the house and has been going to bed in her crate with the door open for several weeks. Molly has improved on the leash and does especially well if she is the only dog on the walk. She will “sit” to go in and out of the house, and we are working on sitting and waiting at mealtime. Molly definitely wants to please her people, but sometimes food is too distracting! She loves attention, and she would really like to find a forever home with fewer pets so she can have more of you to herself!

09/18/2011  Miss Molly is a super sweet gal who loves walks and a good sniff in the yard just as much as she enjoys napping. She likes being around people and would be an excellent addition to relatively calm, moderately-active household. Molly is house- and crate-trained and will potty both in the yard and on a leash.

Molly has been with us in her new foster home for a little over a week, and she has become noticeably more comfortable with each new day. She is on the shy side, but she warms up quickly with a few kind words and a good head scratch (she loves a good ear scratch or belly rub, too!) – then she wags her tail and often flashes her beautiful smile! Overall, Molly gets along well with the three male mutts (16 to 65 pounds) in her foster home, although she does not like it if they are overexcited near her or rush up to her face. Apart from a few sniffs, she has ignored the resident cats, and they have ignored her.

Molly is easily startled by loud noises (including barking and yelling), and it took her a few days to get the hang of our wood floors and stairs; she still walks very cautiously on the indoor stairs, but she often runs up and down the deck stairs. She still prefers not to walk on the tiled kitchen floor, but she seems to be adjusting to that as well. We have been crating her when we are gone for long periods of time and at night, but this is primarily to keep the resident dogs from bothering her; under different circumstances, I would be comfortable giving her free range of the house (after an appropriate adjustment period). Molly is very quiet in the house and sleeps through the night without a peep. She has shown off her beagle bark a few times in the yard, but this has been infrequent and always after the resident dogs start barking.

Molly is a champion napper, and she loves dog beds of all shapes and sizes (she doesn’t mind the couch either, if you’ll have her). Don’t let her age fool you, though; Molly likes to lead our pack on at least one, and often two, 20-minute walks daily, and she loves to cruise around the yard in search of the best smells. She will pull on the leash if you let her and may weave between your feet, but Molly is a good walker if you keep a firm hand on the leash. With some practice, she would make a great walking companion. She is not much for toys, but she does enjoy rawhide chews and an occasional gnaw on a Nylabone. Molly is a wonderful girl whom we enjoy having in our home, but she is ready to find her forever home!

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Paige and Joseph Johnson




9 Responses

  1. Pat Collins

    She looks just like my Lady who I lost and have mourned over 3 years ago. My husband and I have decided not to have any more but……. Where is she located and how would I get her if I decided to take her?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Pat, if you’re in the mid-Atlantic region, you can apply to adopt her. I believe she’s in a foster home so once your phone interview is complete, we can put you in touch with her foster mom. You can find our adoption application on the website. Thanks.

  2. Rachel

    Better with older children, so is that a no for a ten month old baby? We would love to take her if she would be ok with our daughter and cat

  3. Jessie

    I WANT THIS DOG! She is perfect for my family!
    P.S. I love the new website! It’s so much better than trying to understand what each icon meant, but this is way better!

    • Laura

      Jessie, thanks for the kind words! We’re thrilled that folks like the site.

  4. Judith

    Aw, she looks like a sweetheart.

  5. Sara Lang

    She looks like my beagle, Fancy, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last month. Older beagles are so sweet!

  6. Jennifer Lewis

    She is so sweet. She is so loyal and just wants to lay with you and cuddle. She would make a great dog for someone.

  7. Kristin K

    She reminds me of one of my dogs…she looks very sweet!

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