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Published: August 27, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 13 NOVEMBER 2018: Mocha is a super sweet, tall, thin beagle mix. She doesn’t look or act quite like a typical beagle. As you can tell by her pictures, she is mostly brown and black and does not have the white tipped tail. She is a little taller and slimmer than your typical beagle too. She does not have the typical beagle aroo either. She has more of a typical generic dog bark. She does not bark a lot though. She will bark a little bit when playing with her beagle brother and sister in the back yard. She will also sometimes bark at the TV when she hears another dog bark on the TV. She has not tried to escape the backyard and walks ok on a leash with her harness on. We think she is making progress with her house training. There have been a couple of accidents, but I am not sure who was responsible.

She definitely has the beagle appetite and food motivation! She will dance and jump around when I am feeding them, but when I tell her to sit, she will sit and wait patiently for her dish. I use one of the maze type bowls to slow down her eating, because if not, she goes around and tries to help everyone else finish their meals. She has not been food aggressive at all.

She is a little snuggle bug! She has to either be snuggling with me or another dog. She loves to give kisses and get belly rubs. I have not had her around kids, but she does not have an aggressive bone in her body. She can be a little bit jumpy but will settle down when you tell her to. (except for when I first get home and they are all jumping around like lil jumping beans!) She has been ok with my cat. She will chase him every once in a while, but I think she is just trying to play.

I don’t know how she did not get snatched up when she was at the adoption day the other month. She is a super sweet little girl eagerly awaiting a forever home where she can shower you with love and kisses and wiggles and snuggles! (oh, and she has the cutest little pouty bottom lip! 😉

UPDATE - 29 SEPTEMBER 2018: Cute Mocha joined us for an adoption event today. What a love bug! This girl just loves attention! In between trying to lick your face, she would wiggle around with her tail wagging the whole time, then flip over for a belly rub and some more loving. Mocha is a darling puppy who is very social and a lot of fun. So far she hasn't made a lot of noise. If you are looking for a social, happy, loving puppy, then Mocha is the girl for you! She is probably a little too active and jumpy at this point for young children (that can change with training), but she would be good with older kids. She just went off to a foster home, so we will be learning lots more about this adorable puppy!

UPDATE - 3 SEPTEMBER 2018: Mocha completed her vetting and is now available for fostering or adoption. Our vet estimates Mocha's age to be around 5 months, and she currently weighs 25 pounds. She will probably mature to slightly taller than your average beagle and weigh between 30 and 35 pounds. The vet said she shouldn’t get a whole lot bigger.

NEW - 27 AUGUST 2018: Mocha is a female 4-5-month-old possible beagle mix who is super sweet, social and active! She LOVES attention. She is slightly taller than Betty and Beatrice so she may be slightly taller than your average beagle. She was a stray from Abingdon, Virginia, so her history is unknown. She will be available for fostering or adoption after August 30th.

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