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Published: March 5, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 12 APRIL 2018: Moby is such a sweet little soul. He is so grateful for pats and could not believe his good luck when he got brushed. Moe will lean his face into you while you lavish attention on him, sighing with contentment. The black fur on his back is fuzzy; hence, his nickname of "Baby Bear."

UPDATE - 8 APRIL 2018: Moe, as his foster parents call him, has jumped right in to all the activities in his new house. Eager to please and readily compliant, Moe has seen and done many new things, and he is thoroughly exhausted! Moe stays quietly in the crate if needed and he will poop and pee while on the leash; however his housetraining does need some remedial work. He gets along well with his foster brother and sisters, and is so quiet unless he wants to play! Moe was pleasantly surprised with sitting in his new mom's lap for a cuddle. The neighborhood kids recognized how adorable he is and Moe sheepishly took in the admiration. He is a smallish boy who jogs along cutely on a walk and sniffs every inch of the trail on a hike. Moe is eager to meet his BREW brethren at Beaglefest in two weeks!

UPDATE - 7 APRIL 2018: Moby went to a foster home today, so stay tuned as we get to know more about this handsome guy.

UPDATE - 26 MARCH 2018: Moby is now fully vetted and available for fostering or adoption. Moby had a massed removed from his spleen, but it turned out to be benign!

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Moby is an 8 year old beagle boy who is mellow and low key. He gets along well with people and other dogs. He was a stray in Amelia County in Virginia, so his history is unknown. He will be available soon for fostering or adoption.

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