Age: 2 Years Gender: Female
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Published: April 15, 2016

I've been adopted!

Mindy is a 2-year-old, 17-pound female beagle who is spayed and fully vetted. She was an owner give-up to the Greene County, Virginia animal shelter because the owner had too many dogs.  Mindy is friendly and good with children. Stay tuned as we get to know her better!

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  1. Ken

    Mindy has been with us for almost two years. She has a sweet disposition, is very outgoing and sociable, and is getting a lot of attention as her trainer escorts her around the county to visit shut-ins and nursing-home residents, whom she never fails to delight. Still full of puppy energy! Mindy loves to be loved.

    • Janet

      That’s great news! Thanks for the update!

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