Milton is Wonderful

Published: April 22, 2011

Hi!  Milton is doing very well. He is still quite mellow, but his personality is starting to shine through. He possesses standard Beagle stubbornness when he doesn't want to do something, but he is so loving and cuddly that I have to forgive him those  moments.

I love it when he talks to me when I get home. He also "talks" when he is excited or needs to go out.  He doesn't talk very often, so when he does, I encourage it. He's just so adorable when he lifts his nose and lets loose with a Beagle bay!

He has enjoyed two extended overnight stays. The first was with my parents, his grandparents, when I had to attend a math conference in Blacksburg  and the other was when I went to Colorado for Spring Break. He stayed with my best friend of 30 years and her sheltie mix, Petey, because my parents were in Colorado already.

My friend says that Milton walks very well on a leash (better than Petey) and he seemed to be happy and well-settled at her place.

Milton graduated from Beginner Obedience School yesterday (I sent a picture to you), and I am considering placing him in Intermediate Obedience Class this summer. The instructor said that he did very well in his final exam and walks on loose leash as well as an Intermediate Class dog.

Milton follows me around and loves sleeping on my bed. He is excellent company. Milton travels well and usually smiles when he is riding in the car.

Milton has a variety of toys. He prefers soft squeaky ones and has already "killed"  two ducks, a fox, a sheep, and a goose. Milton plays with his toys by himself and will not fetch. Rawhide bones are also a personal favorite of Milton's and one will keep him busy for about 30 minutes.

He's had a grooming session and had his ears cleaned and nails clipped. Milton even allowed me to brush his teeth and I still have all ten fingers! LOL

I absolutely adore Milton and my parents love him, too. My brother and his family are coming to Virginia this summer, so they will get to meet him, then. They are looking forward to it.

Milton loves meeting new people and will sit or lie down for petting and tummy rubs,

Right now, he is sound asleep in his bed. What a sweet baby!

Laura Hayden
Milton's Mom

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