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Published: June 1, 2011

I've been adopted!

Gender: female

Age: 2-3 years

Millie is a great little girl.  She slept next to the bed all night, no whining, no crying, no accidents after the first time.  She went for about 4 hours of car ride today and never made a sound.  Left her crate clean and dry.  However, although she is good once you get her into the crate, getting her in is not easy, even with her being so little.  So, she may be "crate trained" in that she's quiet in the crate and doesn't have accidents, someone will need to teach her to want to go in the crate or at least not fight it.  I also got to witness the behavior that got her sent back.  She and my beagle were in the back yard and the neighbors put their husky mix out on a tie out.  She happened to be on that side of the yard and she started barking, so I brought her in.  Later, I had the neighbors bring their dog over on leash so they could me.  She wanted to eat the husky that was 4 times her size.  I think most of it was fear, since when I petted her and the husky she calmed down and did a little nose sniffing with her, but when I brought her in the house she was trembling a little.  Once inside she calmed down and went back to napping in the sun.

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  1. Barbara

    Millie was adopted today at the Springfield Adoption day. Good luck Millie with your new friend Joan.

  2. Barbara

    Mary Ann, Millie is a small beagle. I have not had her weighed(just got her to foster last Saturday). She is easy to pick up and I know she is under 25 pounds. I will update this when I get to know her better. She is fully house broken, was a little shy at first with my beagles, but now they all are good together. I have found that her bark at some dogs, is fear based. If you correct her, tell her no and then let her see that you can keep her safe, she shyly makes friends with the other dog. She is very vocal when outside in the yard. She lets me know when anyone walks past. She and the dog across the street talk to each other a lot. If she is inside, she is more quiet and only barks if someone comes to the door or my other dogs start something. She is so friendly and loving, she would make a grest family pet. She likes to have her belly rubbed and greets new people like old friends.

  3. Millie looks like a 13″ beagle. Is she and about how much does she weigh?

    Also, does anyone know the height and about how much Tiara weighs?


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