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Published: June 4, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Mille01a_Aug2013

Age: 5-6 years

Gender: Female

2 September 2013 – QUICK UPDATE – Millie has been in her foster home for a month now, but she has settled in so easily that it seems like she’s been here much longer. She has completely charmed her sometimes-grumpy foster brothers with her easy-going, respectful demeanor – they have accepted her much more quickly than past foster beagles, and they let her get away with a bit more, too (including kisses on their faces). She has also proven herself trustworthy when left out of the crate while we’ve been gone for several hours at a time. Millie continues to love food and walks, and she is getting better at sitting and waiting before eating and going out the door. She is a quick learner, even with limited one-on-one time in a house with three other dogs. Millie is definitely ready for her forever home – if she may be the one for you, please fill out an application!

21 August 2013 – Millie has been in her foster home for about two and half weeks, and she is an absolute GEM! In addition to her great looks (blue ticking plus red ticking on her legs) and luxurious ears, Millie is friendly, fairly easy-going, house-trained, and crate-trained. She walks nicely on a leash (some pulling now that she knows the neighborhood, but manageable) and is starting to get the hang of “sit” before meals and daily walks. Millie is currently a little underweight at 23 pounds, and we are working on getting her up to about 25 pounds. She recently had a mammary tumor removed, but we got great news from the biopsy – the mass was benign and successfully excised (completely removed) by the vet!

Millie does get very excited about food, and while too short to counter-surf, I definitely wouldn’t trust her with food on a lower table. She is quiet most of the time but she will bay some if we’re too slow letting her out of the crate after work or with meals (with four dogs, everyone waits outside while bowls are filled). Her voice is small for a beagle, but it is a beagle bay. Millie is generally respectful of our 18-, 30-, and 60-lb mutts (who can be grumpy), but she will try to rush their bowls after she’s gulped down her food. She also likes to give the other dogs gentle kisses when they’ll let her and has all but ignored our cats. We do crate her at night and while we’re at work, but that is mostly to keep the other dogs from messing with her – I think she would probably adjust to being uncrated fairly easily. Millie is affectionate but a little cautious with new people, and she may startle a bit if you go over her head to pat her (rather than under her chin) or if you raise your voice (even to call her inside or to correct another dog). She obviously loves being around people, though, and I think she would do well in most homes. If Millie might be the one for you, take a look at BREW’s adoption process and fill out an application!

Millie, 5-6yr old spayed female, fully vetted.  She is friendly, good with other dogs and fairly low key.  She was a stray at Louisa County Animal Shelter so her history is unknown.

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  1. Nancy K.

    Hi Erin, Would it be possible to have a meet and greet with Millie and my beagle Luke (adopted from BREW last August). I think he needs a buddy but he can be a bit territorial with his toys and me. He also came from Louisa County – they may know each other :-). Would you please inbox me so we can chat more? Thanks.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Nancy – thanks for your inquiry about Millie! I will send you an email momentarily.

  2. Sue

    Hello, where is Millie currently living? What is her personality like – calm and timid or high energy and playful? She looks pretty small from the picture, how much does she weigh? Would you please provide more pictures?

    Thank you!

    • ErinS

      Sue – Millie is coming to my house in northern Virginia as a foster dog this weekend, so we will know more about her next week. More photos have been posted from the 20 July adoption event, where she was pretty calm and laid back. She’s medium-sized, and I’d guesstimate her to be about 25-30 pounds.

  3. Lori and Brad Musson

    We are interested in learning more about ‘Millie.’ If you have anything more to share, or some additional photos, that would be great. Also, will ‘Millie’ be at the Springfield PA event on June 15th, as we live in the Philadelphia area and that would provide us with the opportunity to meet her. Thanks much!

    • ErinS

      Lori and Brad – this may be way too late to be helpful, but Millie is coming to my house in northern Virginia as a foster dog this coming weekend. More photos have been posted from the 20 July Virginia adoption event.

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