Age: 5 Years Gender: Female
Published: October 21, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 1 MAY 2018 (from Mercy's foster mom):  Mercy is a small but mighty dog! She was very fearful when she first came to BREW and she's come a long way. She started out so timid, but it didn't take long for her to feel right at home. Mercy is not at all shy about being the first to jump on the sofa and claim the best spot on top of the pillows. She makes a great little lap dog. Mercy walks nicely on leash/potties on leash and is housebroken too. Although Mercy loves her own people, she has a nervous demeanor and I don't think she'd do well with small children. She should be fine with older calmer children, adults and senior citizens.

When Mercy is outside running loose in the yard she likes to bark and announce her presence to the world. She barks fearlessly at the big German shepherd next door so she's not intimidated by his size and not afraid to stand up for herself. Mercy is the smallest in our pack, but she seems to have appointed herself as our official watchdog and protector.

The major issue we have discovered is that Mercy doesn't like being left alone and she can be noisy about it. We would not recommend her for an apartment, townhouse or a place where noise could be a problem. We have a doggie-cam that we check when we're not home, and Mercy really doesn't bark much if she is left in the company of other dogs (meaning that she may be the first to bark if she hears the mailman outside, but overall she is calm, quiet and no problem). However, she is not happy when left all alone, and she's vocal about it... so we think Mercy would do well with other dogs or with people who are home a lot.

Don't let this scare you off from considering Mercy. When she is inside hanging out with us, she's a little angel. She's quiet and well behaved on leash. She seems happy as long as she has the company of people or other dogs. We think she's a dear little girl, with a big personality and a lot of love to give!

UPDATE - 13 JANUARY 2018: Mercy went to her new foster home today, so we will be learning more about her soon!

Update - 7 November 2017: Little Mercy is a special girl with special needs. Mercy would do best in a home with a single person or a couple that can give her the patience and attention that she needs. She's fearful of strangers but is fine with the people she knows and trusts. She's quiet, fairly low key and does well with other dogs (at least we know beagle size and smaller) and loves to play with puppies. She has a scar over her left eye and has had prior hip surgery; she has been through a lot and obviously had a home at one time. She has the potential of becoming a wonderful companion for someone but she may not be as social with strangers. Her new home must be mindful enough to keep her and everyone out of harms way.

Mercy is a 5-year-old spayed female beagle mix who is fully vetted and looking for a foster home. She weighs around 15 pounds. She is very sweet and friendly once she gets to know you. She was pretty frightened when we first got her, but now she is very friendly and comes to our kennel manager with her tail wagging. She also did well at the vet's office. She is sweet, low key and would probably do best in a quiet, low key home. Mercy was a stray at the Madison County Animal Shelter in Virginia, so her history is unknown.


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  1. Does ‘fearful of strangers’ means she can ‘nip’ or bite? I’m looking for my 83yo parents for a snuggle lap dog companion but my mom is timid and they haven’t owned a dog since 1975. Mercy is simply adorable!

    • Janet

      Hi Maryanne – thank you for your interest in Mercy. She is a sweet little girl, but she does frighten easily and would probably not be a good choice for your mom. If you are interested in any of our other beagles, we would need your parents to submit an application themselves. We are only able to adopt out to the actual owners. If you are anywhere near Manassas, VA, we are having an adoption event on March 10th. You could meet some of our adoptable dogs and talk to us about your specific situation. Thank you again for considering BREW!

      • Will Mercy be at the adoption event? We submitted an application on Friday and would love to meet her !

        • Janet

          Hi Michele – I don’t believe Mercy will be at the adoption day, but once you are approved to adopt from BREW you can visit her at her foster home, which is near the Baltimore area. If you just submitted an application, you should be hearing from one of our volunteers soon. We will require a telephone interview and in-person home check before you would be able to adopt. Thank you for your interest!

  2. Hi. I was wondering where Mercy is located if I were interested in meeting her. I see she had some past issues but are you aware of any on going health problems? I have a small older dog (Brussels) and three cats and live alone so it’s a (relatively) quiet house. My main concern would be if she shows any fear aggression to my other dog since she is little, but otherwise I think I might like to meet her. I had a beagle for the past ten years but she passed away about five months ago.

    • Janet

      Hi Amy. I am so sorry to hear about your beagle. Thank you for your interest in Mercy. She is currently located in the Charlottesville, VA, area. We have not yet been able to find a foster home for her, so we don’t know much about her other than she is fearful of new people and situations. Our kennel manager has said she is doing much better with her. Mercy does well with other dogs. If you would like to know more about Mercy, please fill out an application at Once we receive your application we can talk to you more about Mercy and any other dogs who might be a good match for you.

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