Memorial for Pete

Published: February 23, 2012

I adopted Pete (aka "Durango") from BREW at a PETCO in Northern Va in October 2002. At the time a sniper was shooting people at gas stations, so we didn't stop for gas or even a cup of coffee. His records show that he was from Charlottesville, VA. His xrays showed that he'd been shot a couple of times with buckshot. I always assumed he was a hunting dog based on how foreign city life was to him at first in Philadelphia.

Pete was an awesome dog and lived a nice life, serving as alpha male to a pack of four dogs. He didn't even seem to know he was sick. It was only on the last day when he refused food that I knew something wasn't right.

Pete taught me that when entering any room, you should always seek out the most comfortable chair for yourself and get there first. He loved a great chair.
Beth M

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  1. Pete,live in peace and joy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge till your loved ones are with you again. My prayers are with your family since I know this sorrow .

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