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Published: March 22, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

QUICK UPDATE - 18 APRIL 2014: Meatball is on the small side and is an active boy.  He loves all dogs and people.  He loves going for walks (although his leash manners need work).  He has no housetraining issues thus far.  He doesn’t like crating, although he does fine if he’s really tired out (which usually means doggie daycare during the work day).  He loves nothing more than lying outside on the deck in the sun, but that will lead to his being wide awake and raring to go later the day.  He can’t be beat for how cute and friendly he is, but his future adopter need to be prepared for a high energy dog that needs adequate exercise and to be crated when left unattended - he has a puppy-like knack for getting into things!

6 APRIL 2015: Meatball just arrived a couple days ago and has made himself at home.  He is a really little tyke who just loves being outside.  With the arrival of a few warm days, he stretched out in a sunny spot in the yard, sunbathed and snoozed the afternoon away.  When not snoozing, he does love a good game of chase in the yard with the other dog. He is a bit shy and submissive at first but really loves to be petted and the tail is wagging non-stop.  So far, he has not chased the cat, but we probably need a few more days to commit to that assessment.  He has adjusted to being crated although he will howl occasionally -- nothing a beagle person hasn’t heard before.  He has had no housetraining accidents yet, but he has been here only a couple days so far.

Original info: Meatball is a neutered male, tricolor beagle who is about 18 months old and weighs 22 pounds.  He was a stray in Halifax County, Virginia, and his history is unknown. Stayed tuned as we get to know Meatball better!

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  1. We LOVE Meatball! He is now happy in his forever home here in Rockville. His new name is Joseph Thomas Gleekel, after my Grandfather and my husband’s brother. He prefers when we call him JoJo. He is truly a bundle of energy with a sweetness that is powerful. The first few days have gone well; he is learning the new routine and adapting to his new environs. He did tinkle on a Ganesh statue at our friend’s house, but otherwise dry in ours. He is getting along with his adoptive sister, Lucy and loves walks which he gets frequently. He has also decided that milkbones are tasty.

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