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Published: October 16, 2014

I've Been Adopted!

25 MAY 2015: We have discovered that McCoy is protective of his food and have decided he will need to be adopted into a home with no children. While he is fine around kids without food, I wouldn't trust kids to feed him or to have them walking around food.

3 MAY 2015:  Now that the doggy door has been installed, McCoy is completely doggy door trained.

10 MARCH 2015: McCoy has been with me for a few weeks now.  He has settled in nicely with my two other dogs and enjoys snuggling with them or me.  He is very friendly, but can be skittish at times when he first meets you.  For the first two weeks, he curled up in the back of my closet to sleep, but has now ventured out and spends his nights on the bed.  McCoy is not 100% housetrained, but does have a clue.  He usually makes it all night, but occasionally he will get up which is my clue to let him outside.  He is definitely a beagle and has that nose for food which at times gets him into trouble by counter surfing when he smells something good.  He is good with my 5-year old niece and 3-year old nephew, but does need some training.  McCoy and my dog, Rocco, chased each other outside during one of the snow storms (see video HERE!).  He has such a long body I refer to him as the "gangly teenager" who hasn't quite grown into his body.  McCoy would make a lovely, faithful companion.

28 October 2014: McCoy has been fully vetted and is now available for adoption.  He is a very nice beagle boy!

Original info: McCoy is a 3-year-old male beagle. He was an owner give-up  in Amelia County with Nitro because they weren't wanted any more.  He is super sweet, friendly, and good with other dogs but unfortunately no history was given.  McCoy will be available for adoption once vetting is completed.


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  1. Jerry Miles

    We are interested in McCoy for adoption and would like to see him, can that happen?

  2. Melissa

    Hi, is McCoy still in need of a foster? If so I’d love to know how to become a foster for him.

    Thank you!

    • Erin

      Hi, Melissa – yes, McCoy is still looking for a foster home. If you have not fostered for BREW before, the first step would be to fill out a foster application (more details HERE). Thanks for your interest in fostering!

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