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Published: October 28, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 30 NOVEMBER 2018: Mason is a little guy with a big personality. It's been a lot of fun fostering him. Not that he can't be a rascal! Mason is an adept counter surfer. He lacks the height to reach most counters but he figured out that he can find more food just by jumping on the dining room chairs. We always need to push in our chairs to prevent this, or else we may find him foraging right on top of the table. We have been working hard to teach him some manners. Fortunately for him, he is darn cute!

Mason plays nicely and gets along well with the other 2 beagles in our house - although he doesn't seem to like bigger dogs. He really barks at the German shepherd next door and when walking in the park he barked at any large dog he saw, which isn't too smart on his part. Besides that, he walks just fine on leash and doesn't bark excessively. He seems interested in the cat, but only in a friendly way.

He must have been housetrained even before coming to stay with us, because Mason has never had an accident in our house! He keeps his crate clean all day while we are at work. He enjoys playing with chew toys and he likes to carry them all over the house. I never realized I had so many dog toys until Mason carried them all to the living room one day.

Mason is an affectionate lapdog at heart. He is always happy and he loves everyone he meets. He does bark when new people come in the house, but he quickly makes friends. Mason must believe that everybody loves him in return because he just assumes that anyone who sits down should stop what they are doing and pet him. Again, we are still working on teaching him better manners. He seems to understand when he's done something wrong because if I try to scold him at all, he will roll over on his back and wag his tail. It's impossible to stay mad in the face of such adorableness. I'm sure this is part of his plan to win the hearts of anyone who looks into his big brown eyes.

With his gentle sweet disposition and his super friendly personality, Mason will be an awesome family pet when he finally meets his forever family!

NEW - 28 OCTOBER 2018: Meet Mason - a stray beagle from SW Virginia (Wythe County) who joined BREW at our last adoption event and had a great time. Check out his amazing tail! Mason is about 6-7 years old and weighs about 16 pounds. He is now at a foster home, so we will be learning more about him soon.

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