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Published: June 20, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Mason

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

UPDATE - 29 JANUARY 2014: Mason is a sweet dog who loves everyone.  He does fine with older children, however, he is still very young and has not learned he can't jump up on people.  We are working on that.  He loves going for his walks with my neighborhood dog walkers (twin boys about 10 years old).  He runs and plays tug of war with them.  They all really enjoy each other.  Mason needs to be in a home with another dog or with a human who is home all day.  He really hates to be alone.  He barks and barks.  He doesn't like to be crated and barks then also.  He is still young enough to need obedience training and that would help him learn to listen better.  He comes running when you call him and is always ready for a treat.  He was so thin when he got here, all his ribs were showing and hip bones and back bones.  He has gained a little, but mostly just filled out a little.  He likes to counter surf and is learning the "off" command.

He is house broken, but did mark his territory when he first arrived.  I have no problem leaving him with my 3 beagles when I am gone.  I do not need to crate him.  He only destroys paper towels, if I leave one on my desk or the side table.  Other than that he listens when I correct him for taking a shoe to chew.  As long as he has a toy or appropriate chew to replace it, he is no problem.

Mason will be a good dog for someone with older children who know to treat a dog who likes to run and play.  He is still so much a puppy in attitude.  He wants to sleep on the bed with you and likes to get under the covers.  He wants to play all the time and has kept my couch potatoes busy.  Even my older beagle girl, Biscuit, has started to play again since he has been here.  She fussed at him in the beginning, but he was persistent and now, she will play with him twice each day.

Original info: Mason came to us from the Franklin County shelter where he was friendly with dogs and people. We'll know more about him when he gets to a foster home.

Sponsored by: BREW Bob In Honor of the Original Mason

7 Responses

  1. Mason seems ideal for us, a couple in their 60s. If he is still available, I have a few questions (1) Will he stay inside for upto 4-6 hours (2) Will he sleep by herself in a dog bed (3) Any medical problems (4) Will he mind being confined to a family room 14′ x 27′ and basement, 25’x 10′ and not go elsewhere (i would place a baby gate across the stairs. (5) Where do we see and pick him up.
    We have a house on 1/4 acre, fully fenced and sidewalks in a large subdivision.

  2. karla

    He is a doll! I just recently lost my first brew beagle, robie, to cancer. I am interested in knowing more if he is still available. A house without a beagle to snuggle with is not a home for me 😉

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Karla, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Mason is available, yes. Please email at to talk further about adoption.

  3. Looks nice let us know if he’s still available

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Mason is still available, John. If you’d like to adopt one of our beagles, please submit an adoption application via our website. Thanks.

  4. Interested in Mason. We’ve been looking for a beagle over 1 years old. We have a female beagle that is 15 months and think she’d/us enjoy another one.

    • Laura w/ BREW


      Are you a previous adopter? If so, please email at If not, please submit an adoption application on our website and we can go from there. Thanks!

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