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Published: April 4, 2011


Age: 6-7 years

Gender: Female

Marley is a 6-7yr old spayed female.  She's a pretty playful girl, very friendly and good with other dogs.  She was a stray at Amelia Co. so her history is unknown.

Sponsored by: Christine Pinson in honor of Molly Beagle

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  1. Deb Szymanik

    I’m so excited to see that Marley is in a foster home now! Great news for Marley. Can’t wait to see what her foster has to say about her.

  2. Is Marley in Colorado?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Tanya, we are in the DC metro area and all of our beagles are in the Philly-northern Virginia corridor. Thanks for contacting us.

  3. Jake

    How tall and what does she way? Is she housebroken?


    • Laura w/ BREW

      Jake, Marley is not in foster care so I would assume that she’s not housetrained. We won’t know that until she’s in a foster home. We generally don’t weigh the dogs or measure their height…but I would estimate that she’s a medium-sized beagle (28-32lbs).

      • Jake


        How do I and my fiance go about meeting Molly?


  4. Deb Szymanik

    Hoping Marley finds a foster home soon so we can find out more about her.

  5. Kim

    What is her size/weight? She looks small….also, any info on crate trained or house trained yet?

  6. Deb Szymanik

    Marley may be a “senior” gal but she sure looks energetic and ready to track down some critters in her pictures. What a pretty beagle – her coloring is just beautiful. Marley has been waiting a long time for a home. Hoping someone takes a good luck at this pretty girl and gives her a chance. In the meantime, paws crossed she will find a foster.

  7. Donna Metlin

    What a beautiful girl! Hope she finds a home fast!

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