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Published: January 29, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Marley_May2013_01-1

Age: 1-2 years

Gender: Female

Read all about me!!  We've only had Marley for a short period of time, but she is one of the happiest dogs we have ever met.  Her tail never stops wagging, and she is extremely friendly with people and dogs.  While she has been friendly with our dogs (one 7 year old male and one 4 year old female beagle), she doesn't seem to be dependent on having another dog in the house. We think she could be happy as the only dog in a family or with other dogs.

Unlike most beagles, she is very quiet. We have not heard her bark yet. She doesn't seem (maybe just not yet) to like to jump on beds and couches.  She seemed a little clumsy at first around stairs, so we are not sure if she's lived in a house before.  Because of this, we are trying to work on some of her house manners.  She is crate, and we are working on house training.
Like most beagles, she is always hungry.  So we are also working on getting her to sit for treats and not beg for food while we are eating.  She has more energy than our other beagles and loves going for walks.  She is also a little bigger (not overweight, bigger frame) than our beagles, and we estimate she is 28-30 pounds.

Marley, 1-2yr old spayed female, friendly, good with other dogs.  She was an owner giveup to the Amelia Co. Animals Shelter because she wouldn't hunt.

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  1. Trisha

    Hi there,
    We have been interested in Marley for some time. Is she going to be at any of the adoption events in the Northern Virginia Area any time soon? When is she going to her next one? Thanks!

    • Christina M

      Hi, Trisha-

      Marley’s foster mom here. If we still have Marley at the time of the November 16th adoption event in Bristow, we will bring her there. However, your family is certainly welcome to come visit her at our home at any time. Have you already put in an adoption application and gone through the relevant process? If not, I would recommend starting that so that once you find a BREW dog you like, the process is very quick. My email address is christinalmcnally at gmail dot com if you’d like more information about her. She is a very sweet dog!

      • Trisha

        Hi there Christina!
        I emailed you at the address you gave in your reply. We would love to meet Marley. I had a few questions I asked you in your email. I’m just checking to see if you received it? I will fill out the BREW application. When can we meet her?
        Thanks so much!

        • Christina M

          Hi, Trisha-
          I didn’t actually get an email from you, I’m sorry. Marley was actually adopted this morning by a family who had already been approved in the process. Hope you find your beagle soon!

  2. Christina M

    Hi, everyone-

    Marley’s new foster mom here. We just got her yesterday, but so far, she is settling in very nicely as a house dog! She is getting along well with her two foster siblings (a boy and a girl beagle), but she doesn’t seem overly dependent on them. We’d guess she’d be fine as an only dog or with others. We don’t have a cat or kids so we can’t report on her behavior with them. She is very friendly with people and hasn’t stopped wagging her tail! She is definitely crate trained and slept happily in there all night last night. She’s not totally housebroken, but I think she’ll catch on quickly.

    She’ll be at the adoption day on Saturday if anyone is interested in meeting her.

  3. We are very interested in adopting Marley. We have 2 older dogs, one a beagle and we are absolutely in love with the breed. We submitted an application to brew last Friday, but the dog we wanted had been adopted. Could we possibly meet her soon? We live in Sterling, Virginia.
    Steve and Holly Bratcher

  4. Trisha

    HI, Is Marley still available? Is she good with cats? Will she walk on a leash? Thanks!

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Trisha, we’re unsure how she is with cats. And while almost every beagle will walk on a leash – they usually don’t have a lot of discipline since a) they’re not trained to heel and b) there a million smells to sniff in a short period of time.

  5. Laurissa Wallace

    Hi am very intersted in marley is she still at your centre ? X

    • Laura w/ BREW


      We don’t have a facility. All of our beagles area in foster homes. I will check on Marley and get back to you.

      • Laurissa Wallace

        Ok thank you where are u based at then x

        • Laura w/ BREW

          Laurissa, we are in the DC metro area with foster homes spread from Charlottesville,VA to Delaware.

  6. Tony

    Is he house trained and still available?

  7. Britt

    She looks beautiful. Is she looking for a foster home?

  8. Maria

    Is she housetrained, She looks lovely

  9. is marley house broken?

  10. Jo Brown

    Gorgeous, healthy looking Marley – love that smile!

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