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Published: September 26, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 2-3

Gender: Female

Here are some words from the wonderful lady who found Marley running and took care of her for a while until Marley came to BREW:

She came to us after I tried diligently to find her owner; she was emaciated and covered with ticks.

Anyway, in the 3 months we had her, we have observed that she is a very laid back dog, loves adults and children, gets along well with other animals.  She loves to go for daily walks..and enjoyed the twice daily 1.5 mile walks I gave her.  My neighbor taught her to heel (when she's focused) and sit.

When children come around, Marley gently greets them without any barking or rough housing!  She is VERY GENTLE SWEET DOG WITH A GREAT DISPOSITION!

Did I mention that she has been crated trained!  We  put a crate in the house and when given the command, Marley went in it without any hesitation!  She laid down as we closed the crate door.

Also, she loves the attention: getting her belly and ears rubbed, lots of petting, sitting on your lap!  She does very well riding in a car!  [pullquote_right]In fact, while in the car last week, Marley sat in my lap with her nose out the window and before I knew it, she was sound asleep with that nose partially hanging out the window! Precious!!  [/pullquote_right]

And coming back, she laid in the seat, with her head on the console (the part between the bucket seats).

We think she's younger than the age given by the shelter!!   She likes to play with stuffed and squeaky toys, chew on shoes (if they are in her reach!), and run after a ball or toy when its thrown!  She acts more like an older puppy!  And when she runs, she is FAST!!  She has a lot of energy so that's why she must be walked and played with.

She is afraid of gunshots (we live in a rural area!) and the sound of thunder.  When I was walking her one day, we heard a gunshot, and she stopped and got close to me. This happened more than once.

I can't say enough about her.  She would make a great addition to a family who was willing to give her the time, love and attention she deserves.  I'll add one thing, she likes a routine such as the one she had: eat, walk, treats, play and then rest!  She is very affectionate and a sweetheart!

Oh . . . she not too fond of taking a bath!  But she was bathed and brushed often!

Sponsored by: Deb Szymanik - In Honor of Lucy Dog




8 Responses

  1. Marshall Daniels

    Was wondering how Marley has worked out in her new home. She was adopted last fall but haven’t seen any follow-up information. I helped care for her before she went ot Brew. Would really like to know if she’s doing well. Thanks

  2. Debbie McDaniel

    Laura, I am so thrilled that someone has reached out and given Marley a home where she will be loved and that love returned many times over! She’s such a sweetie pie!

  3. Debbie McDaniel

    Marley is a petite beagel/basset with a very sweet disposition. She is such a laid-back dog and would make a great pet for the family!

  4. Tina Chester

    If she is still available, we would also like to see her.

  5. Debbie McDaniel

    Laura, I knew someone else couldn’t resist her!! I just pray this is the right home for her!

  6. Darryl Foster

    I want her. How do I adopt her.

    • Laura

      Darryl, please fill out an adoption application on this website. That will get the process started.

      Laura Johnson
      Director, BREW, Inc.

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