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Published: November 16, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

Maple4-3 (002) Maple2-1 Maple1-4 Maple3-2Maple hails from Spotsylvania, Virginia, and despite a rough life she is sweet as syrup. She is estimated to be 8 years and appears to have been used as a breeding dog and not much else. Maple was fostered through the shelter prior to coming to BREW, and she is reported to be good with dogs, cats, and kids and almost completely housebroken! And, she is also ALL beagle, as you can tell in THIS video clip from the shelter! Maple needs some veterinary attention, but she will be available for adoption

Writing on behalf of Maple at the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter.  Our vet estimates her to be around 8 years of age.  This sweetie has been great with cats, dogs and children but has had a rough life of likely being used as a breeding dog and not much else.  Maple is heartworm positive and needs a dental.  Good news is she's almost completely housebroken and amazing at adoption events.  Maple is currently in foster but her foster will be leaving town shortly for a month and I hate to see Maple back in the shelter.  Any chance BREW would be willing/able to take her in?  I promise you will beyond adore her.  Below is a video clip of her ridiculousness 🙂

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