Published: August 10, 2012

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Mango is a very special little girl who is just waiting to work her way into everyone's heart. She is full of spunk, loves to play with toys, especially squeaky toys, likes kids, and loves other dogs. She would love to be active, but hasn't been allowed to (read below!), but also loves to snuggle. She will sleep in the bed with you with her little nose tucked under your chin, or in your armpit; on a dog bed in the bedroom, or in a crate in another room. She is housebroken, but due to some medical issues discussed below, does have problems going more than 6-8 without the chance to go potty. She does have some separation anxiety issues that are displayed with vocalization, so she may not be the best pet for an apartment, although if there is another pet in the apartment, she tends not to be as vocal. Mango is only 14 lbs.

Mango was recently treated for heartworm and had to be on strict cage rest. That would mean no more flying leaps off the couch to wrestle with the other dogs, no more long walks in the nice late summer weather, no more playing with all the toys in the toy box. It was a very tall order for a dog who loves to play all the time! She did not understand why she kept being told no when it came to playing when before that was encouraged, but she listened very well. Fortunately, being a beagle, she learned the benefits of snuggling, and sometimes it is nice to go outside and just sit in the sun, rather than constantly having to chase something. The medications she was on, as well as her back problems, caused her to have frequent accidents in the house, but she would try to let us know as often as she could when she had to go out either by going to the door and scratching or vocalizing while in her kennel. Right now she is benefiting from the rest, gradual return of more activities and at home physical therapy.  So if you have room in your heart and your home for little "Mango Tango" contact BREW to see how you can meet her or any of the other great dogs who need a forever home!

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10 Responses

  1. Jo Brown

    What a face, what a face, what a face! Mango is a gorgeous lil’ gal! I cannot imagine that she hasn’t stolen hearts and found a forever home! It can’t be much longer that this darling goes, before her forever family sweeps her off her feet!

  2. Janine D"Amura

    I am interested in Mango. She is absolutely adorable. IS she still available?

  3. Tracy Lee

    Wow, she looks like such a sweetie. Any idea how she might be with kids and cats?

  4. nancy commisso

    Am interested in fostering Mango.

    • Laura w/ BREW


      Mango is in foster care. Maybe we can find another beagle for you to foster?

      • Diane Schemm

        Hi Laura…haven’t heard anything from you since I filled out application. Am in N.VA & interested Mango. Would like to know of her status. Thanks, Diane

        • Laura w/ BREW

          Diane, I will email you privately. Thanks for pinging us!

  5. Deb Szymanik

    Oh my goodness – isn’t she just so adorable – what a sweet face and love those ears. Such a tiny little beagle. Just makes me want to hug on her!

    • Cathy Karlson

      Where is Mango located?

      • Laura w/ BREW

        Cathy, Mango-teeny (because she only weights 17lbs) is in northern Virginia.

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