Age: 9 Months Gender: Male
Good with dogsHas a cluemaleMediumpuppy
Published: July 4, 2018

Available Soon!

NEW - 4 JULY 2018: Malcolm is a beautiful young boy beagle who was an owner surrender. He is 9 months old and 26 pounds of puppy. He apparently had too much energy for the elderly resident dog. According to his foster mom, Malcolm loves people and other dogs and wants to meet and greet everyone. This morning he met and loved my neighbor’s two year old toddler. He’s in desperate need of obedience training; he pulls and jumps and thinks nothing of winding up anyone or anything near with his leash, so any interaction with small children, the elderly, etc. needs to be monitored carefully.

Malcolm keeps the crate clean and dry as long as I get him outside every 4-5 hours; he has gone longer but it can’t be counted on. Malcolm is very food driven and food protective. The only time he’s growled at the other dogs is if they come anywhere near the crate while he’s eating; he goes nuts. This needs to be further evaluated, and training to reduce/eliminate the problem will be needed.

Malcolm is available for adoption.

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  1. I am very interested in Malcolm. Please contact me with more information. 301-556-3687

    • Janet

      Hi Amanda – Thank you for your interest in Malcolm. If you are interested in learning more about Malcolm, or any of our other adoptable beagles, we need you to fill out an application so we can assign a volunteer to work with you directly. Our policies and application can be found at

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