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Published: February 13, 2012

I've been adopted!

Age: 6ish

Gender: Female

Update for 8/10: Maggie is back with BREW after being returned for getting in the trashcan.

Uh, newsflash: this is WHAT BEAGLES DO! If you want a beagle, you need to be prepared to move your trashcan. OR don't get a beagle.

Update for 3/27:

Maggie has lost 4lbs and is down to 34lbs. She's looking great! She loves to go on walks and does well on a leash.

Maggie was a stray found in the woods in WV back in November.  Some campers found her wandering .  She is super sweet and friendly.  Loves everybody and is crate-trained. Her original rescuers say she is housetrained.

Maggie needs to lose about 15lbs. She's got hypothyroidism (low thyroid) so she's carrying extra weight on her small frame. The medication to control her thyroid is unbelievably INexpensive.

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  1. Susan Hurst

    Congratulations to Maggie for finding her REAL forever home! I’m glad (former BREW beagle) Josie and I could help you meet them. :->

  2. Sharon King

    Seems kinda odd that someone would get a beagle if they hated this behavior. We have an auto closing trash can and we STILL have to lock it in a closet. That’s life with a beagle…and frankly many dogs. Scary this person (who I’m sure is probably a decent person) slipped under the radar. At least they followed the contract rules and brought her back vs. dumping her somewhere or giving her to someone. Maggie looks like a pretty easy dog to handle to me. 🙁 I hope she finds a good home soon.

  3. Deb Szymanik

    Maggie deserves much more than a “family” who returns her because she got in a trash can. This is one great dog; and I know her forever family is going to find her and take her home for good this time.

  4. Jaci Lucas Kennedy

    Wow…our beagle has “low thyroid” as well. He has been on medicine for the past 3 years at least. Additionally, he is on a ‘heart med’. Recently, he just was diagnosed with Addison’s disease…another medicine. However, this med can be gotten from ‘human’ pharmacy as it one that is given to ‘humans’ as well. The ‘low thyroid’ med is given 2x day every 12 hrs and is 250 count per purchase. He is thriving. The ‘low thyroid’ does contribute to a weight issue that we are constantly fighting. Good luck to Maggie finding a new ‘forever’ home!

  5. Jinx Mirasola

    Maggie is beautiful, she would fit right in with my Beagle and Puggle, around here we have to tie the garbage lid down. lol I pray that she can find a forever home where they will love her for who she is.

  6. Kristen

    Maggie is looking great! And she seemed so happy at the last adoption day. That thyroid medicine does wonders. Our beagle just started on thyroid medication about a month ago. Wow what a difference…he is so much happier and full of life! And it’s very easy and inexpensive to maintain. I know Maggie is thankful for her foster family helping her feel better. I hope you get adopted soon, Maggie…you are a cutie!

  7. Deb Szymanik

    Maggie’s personality just shines thru in her face! She looks so happy and young at heart.

  8. Lucinda

    She looks like my Myrtle (including the extra 15 lbs)!

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