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Published: November 18, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Female

Age: 6 years

New! Macy is a very sweet and even tempered dog.  She gets along great in the house with our two male dogs and will cuddle on the couch between them and us.  They are also all able to be fed together in the same room with no squabbling.  Macy loves to be outside and will sometimes run around with our two boys, though most of the time she is too busy sniffing to play.  She is housetrained and does very well on the leash though she will pull at times when there something especially interesting that she smells.  She loves to cuddle and as soon as she is petted, will roll on her side for a belly rub, which is her favorite way of relaxing.  She is a great house dog and will probably do well in an apartment too.  She doesn't try to chew or destroy anything and is quite content to hang out on the nearest dog bed or piece of furniture if invited up. She leaves trash cans alone and doesn't counter surf for food either.   She has been sleeping through the night on a dog bed upstairs with us and doesn't get up until the humans are up and about.  She is very quiet and only barks when someone comes to the door but quiets down when told "Macy hush."  She will also howl along with you if you so desire :).  She is great with kids and spent a recent sleepover night curled up at the foot of our niece's sleeping bag.
This is Macy. She was adopted from BREW a few years and is coming back because of severe allergies in an infant in the home. Macy is a loving, gentle, sweet, affectionate beagle who want to be yours.

From her owners:

Macy loves to play fetch with tennis balls and play tug-of-war with toys. She is never destructive. She loves to be petted, have her ears, neck, and belly rubbed, and to cuddle on the couch with us.

She is adventurous, enjoying hiking and swimming.

Macy loves to sing with us.

She is great with our infant son and all the other kids she meets.

Macy would be a perfect dog for a family with love to give.  Love her and she will be yours forever.

Sponsored By: Monica, Barry & Marielle Bocaner in honor of Maddie Beagle 

12 Responses

  1. Mary

    We lost our 14 year old beagle 2 months ago and we are looking for a companion for our cocker spaniel and for our family. Macy sounds wonderful. Do you adopt dogs out to NJ?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Yes, we do, Mary! Our dogs are in foster care between Charlottesville, VA and Philadelphia – with the majority being in the DC metro area. You’d need to be willing to drive to a foster family’s home to meet the dog. Please note that there is interest in Macy. Maybe Beatrice would be a good fit for you? Honey Bee?


  2. Karen

    We adopted a BREW beagle about 6 years ago (Duncan) and we’re looking for a companion for him. Macy sounds like a good fit. Not sure where things stand with the other responder, but we would be interested in meeting Macy.

    • Laura


      I emailed you privately. Macy is still available.


  3. Troy

    Missed the Dec 10 adoption day. Are there any others coming up? Would like to meet her?

    • Laura

      Troy, you can meet her in her foster family’s home once you have your phone interview. If you’d like to get the process started, please fill out and submit an adoption application on our website.


  4. Ruth Burks

    Does Macy have any negative issues and if so, what are they? How long was she at her home with the infant?? Where is she located?

    • Laura

      Macy is only being surrendered because the infant is very allergic.

  5. Janet

    What was Macy’s original BREW name?

    • Laura

      Janet, I have to look that up and get back to you. I can’t recall off hand.

  6. Deb Little

    How is Macy with other dogs? We have a male & female beagle. Macy sounds like a GREAT girl.

  7. Amy

    Is Macy being fostered in VA or MD?

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