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Published: May 5, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

NEW - 5 MAY 2018: Macey was Cha Cha of the Grease Pups born 31 January 2015. She is back with BREW as her mom has passed away. She was a good passenger on the trip to our vet for a checkup. Not a peep. She was excited to see new people and experience different smells. She still has that puppy energy, a great personality and is very social. She is good with kids older than 5. Macey was an only dog, but she does well with other dogs.

Macey as a pup (aka Cha Cha)

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  1. Hi my name is John and I am from San Diego CA. I recently loss my beagle to cancer. It’s been a few months and looking to adopt a furry friend to be my ESA. I was wondering if Macey is still available for adoption and is she here in San Diego?

    Thank you so much for you speedy reply

    • Janet

      Hi John – We are located on the east coast and primarily work adoptions in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. We do not transport beagles to other regions. Sorry!

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