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Published: January 21, 2018

I'll be at the February 17th Adoption Event in Manassas!

Lulu is a 2 year old female beagle who was an owner surrender to the Louisa County Animal Shelter in Virginia because she was no longer safe in her kennel. She was a hunting dog that was kenneled with other females who didn’t like her. She is very cute and friendly. She is currently kenneled with another female beagle and has not had any issues. She is now fully vetted and available for fostering or adoption.

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  1. I just recently lost my sheltie/beagle and MAY BE looking for another indoor companion. Would perhaps be interested in a female beagle to keep me company. Are there any available?

    • Janet

      Hi Wanda – we are so sorry to hear about your loss. A sheltie/beagle mix sounds like a beautiful combination. Right now we only have a few female beagles and a lot of males. If you look on our web site, you can tell the gender by looking at the dogs’ profiles. They will say “Male” or “Female” at the top. For females we have Mandy and Mercy, who are both in foster homes; and Priceless, Lulu, and Blondie, who are not currently in foster homes. If you want more information on any of these girls, you would need to submit an application at Once we receive your application and fee we will assign a volunteer to work with you directly to answer all of your questions and, potentially, work towards adoption.

  2. I’m interested in finding out more information about Lulu, the beagle. I read her story and was concerned why the other dogs in her kennel didn’t like her and if there was any information about why the owner surrendered her. I have had 4 beagles over the span of 40 years and have known them to be affectionate and very sweet. Also can you tell me where she is located. I live in Staten Island, NY. Thank you, in advance, and I would like to know when she is available for adoption and if there are any particular issues with this dog (i.e) house broken or lived outside, temperament , etc. Carole Aloi

    • Janet

      Hi Carole – thank you for your interest in Lulu. We only recently got Lulu, so she is still going through the vetting process (vaccinations, being spayed, deworming, etc). As with Lulu, many of our beagles are strays or hunter rejects from areas in central Virginia. Lulu was kept outside with other hunting dogs, so she probably has no experience living in a home. After she is vetted, our goal is to find a foster home for her so that we can find out more about her personality and how she would do as a house pet. Even though beagles, in general, are sweet and affectionate, they are pack animals that can establish pecking orders within their packs. Perhaps Lulu was housed with more dominant females. She is currently located near Richmond, Virginia. We don’t yet know where she will be fostered. If you are interested in getting more information about Lulu or being eligible to adopt any of our beagles, please fill out an application at

      • Hi Janet-Thank you for your response regarding Lulu. I have been following several rescues and am familiar with the process they go through to foster a dog in order to find out if a dog could possibly be a house pet. I’m guessing the foster process could take quite some time to establish the type of personality, temperament, and suitability Lulu has to live in a home environment. We just lost our beagle Mia a few days ago, very unexpectedly, to cancer, which we didn’t know she had. We would like to find a Puppy or very young adult tri-color female. Could you please tell me how old Lulu is. Thanks again, Carole

        • Janet

          Hi Carole – We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Losing our pups is very hard as they are part of our families. Lulu is about 2 years old. All of the ages of the dogs are posted just under their names on the web site.

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