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Published: January 30, 2012


Age: 4 years

Gender: Male

Luke is a happy, happy guy.  He's cautious at first with people, but his curiosity and pure joy of being petted gets the best of him.  He is soon looking for attention.

Luke came to my full house and immediately fit in with the other dogs:

  • With Biscuit (age 9), he is protecting us from the squirrels and rabbits of the yard.
  • With Buster (age 4), he loves to play tag and run the length of the yard.
  • With Inbox (age 2), he loves to play hide the raw-hides(I found one in my shower yesterday).
  • With Milo (age 12 weeks) he just gently plays what ever the puppy wants to play.  Often Luke will lay down and let Milo think he has an advantage.  Milo weighs about 7 pounds, Luke about 30.

Luke really enjoys having the kids come and take him for a long walk and because he is so thrilled to see them come, he waits at the fence while the school bus unloads.  Then barks as if to say "When are you coming to walk me?"  He loves kids and has a gentle mouth when taking treats.

He knows the command "sit" and I believe he knows "stay," he just doesn't always feel like staying.

He was a hunting dog that was taken in by a neighbor when he left his home.  The owner didn't want him, so she took him in for a while.  She said he went from being a skinny puppy to being a too large beagle.  She said he ate the other dog's food.  That's what happens when you free feed a beagle.  If there's always food, they will always eat.

Luke would do well in any home that has time to give him lots of attention and exercise.  He likes to be in the yard playing and wants to be in the house whenever you will pet him or when he's ready to sleep.  He likes to sleep on the chair by my bed or on the dog bed on the floor in my bedroom. He does not sleep on the bed.

He is doing well with his house training and only has an occasional accident.  He is ready to find someone who will love his energy and sweet personality.

Luke is a 4 year old neutered male beagle boy that is very friendly and playful. He was a stray in Cumberland Co where a good samaritan took him in and started him on his house manners. He can be a little reserved until he gets to know you and gets along great with other dogs. He was born with a short tail but he still knows how to wag it!

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2 Responses

  1. Ann Sutton

    My husband and I are the lucky couple that are adopting Luke. He has been with us for just two days and already I can’t imagine not having him with us. I am certain that he will bring much fun to our home. He is such a good boy!

  2. Deb Szymanik

    What a delightful little guy. I can’t imagine Luke being around too long based on what his foster family wrote. So glad to see he is in a foster home and on his way to a “furever” one.

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