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Published: December 17, 2013

I'm available!

QUICK UPDATE - NOVEMBER 2014: Luca stopped by our last Virginia event, where he charmed adults and children alike and enjoyed seeing the other BREW beagles!

4/10/12 Update:  At age four, Luca is a playful and rambunctious beagle.  He loves to hang and romp with other beagles and is also a friend to frisky felines. Luca was dropped off at a shelter with a broken tail, which left him with neurological damage.  His tail was amputated; however, he is still 100% beagle and extremely loving.  Luca would like to find a permanent home with a family or someone who has some love and patience to spend on him.  To know Luca is to love him.  Do you have room in your heart for him?

12/15/09: Luca was great around my 6-month old niece.  She grabbed his ear but he didn't react at all.  He even let me hold her and waited till she went home to get back into my lap

07/04/09: Luca is doing well.  He loves to be near humans as well as other dogs.  Sometimes he will jump up in my arms and moan in happiness while receiving a belly rub.  It is almost like having a baby.  He is definitely a cuddler.  Luca needs someone who is willing to go outside the box by taking care of ALL his needs.  He is on a special diet and wears regular baby diapers to help with his neurological damage, but don't be fooled, he is 100% beagle.  Once you meet him, he'll charm his way into your heart.

UPDATE 11/21/08: Miss that maternal feeling? Got free time?

I need someone special who is willing to give me lots of extra TLC. See I was injured--I don't remember how--painful experience, but my tail was amputated. I am left with some neurological damage, but I am otherwise fine. Now I am looking for someone to care for ALL my needs. I assure you I will make it up to you through love, cuddling, quirky expressions, and the usual beagle traits. You won't regret it. My foster mom can vouch for me. She'd keep me, but she works long hours and knows it is in my best interest o find someone with more time to care for me. If I sound like a match with you, let's meet.

Older info: It turned out that Luca's tail was broken and it just hung there and got in his way. We had the tail removed and he is so happy about it. He couldn't figure out why it wouldn't wag. He looks adorable with his little stub and it suits him. He is a tiny guy and very sweet. What a lovely face and long, soft ears.

Luca is a 2 year old neutered beagle boy that is fairly small. He's fairly energetic but gentle when being handled. He is typical beagle in that he is food driven. Unfortunately his tail is crooked, don't know if it was an accident or from birth but it doesn't seem to hinder him. He gets along well with other dogs. He was a stray at the Culpeper Animal Shelter so his history is unknown.

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4 Responses

  1. Is Luca still with BREW?

    • Janet

      Yes, Luca is still with BREW. He has now been with his foster family for many years. Since he has special needs, we have not been able to find an adopter who is willing/able to provide for his needs. Luca is a wonderful boy! He was at our last Beaglefest and had a great time!

  2. What kind of ‘special needs’ does Luca have?

    • Erin

      Luca had to have his tail removed several years ago and has neurological damage that causes some potty issues. He typically wears a diaper. Please see his profile for more information. Thank you for your interest!

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