Loving Tribute to Mickey Stanton

Published: August 17, 2012

We adopted our beloved Mickey from BREW in January 2004. He died on August 6, 2012, from cancer.

His gentle, loyal, loving, and goofy soul enriched our lives more than I can even say. We are so sad without him, but also feel incredibly grateful for the grace and goodness he brought to our family for all of these years.

His love of us, and our two children as they came along, was without limit or strings.

He leaves a legacy of a family brought closer together to each other, to nature (Mickey LOVED being in nature), and to animals.

I believe he is at the Rainbow Bridge, chasing bacon-winged butterflies through grassy fields, licking the faces of angel children, and waiting for us. For goodness and kindness like his cannot really go away. I hope he will be waiting to welcome us there some day.

Thank you for taking in this scared, shy stray dog and caring for him. Thank you for helping him to find us. What an amazing gift these years together were for all of us.

Mickey, we will love and miss you forever.

Your eternally loving and devoted family,
Leah, Scott, Ben (age 6), Lucy (age 3), and Petey (his doggie brother, age 11) Stanton

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  1. Pa and Grandma Nancy

    As grandparents to Ben and Lucy, as well as Petey and Mickey, we, too, will miss Mickey. We will remember him standing guard over Ben when, as a baby, he lay on his blanket on the floor. We will remember his remarkably good manners at mealtime and the look on his face if you happened to sit in his spot on the couch.

  2. Micky and your family are in my prayers. I know the heartbrake of loosing a Beagle and unfortunately to cancer but as you said we will all be together at the Rainbow Bridge some day.

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