Louie’s Story

Published: April 13, 2011

Where do I start? About three years ago, I was homeless & hungry. A kind person brought me to an animal shelter. The animal shelter staff offered me food, water & a roof over my head a safe place where I didn’t worry about being hit by a car. My situation improved when a BREW volunteer picked me up & took me to my foster home. Anything was better than the streets, and a home sounded very sweet.

I met two loving people (Susan & Curt) who took me into their hearts as well as their home. They helped me find my forever family. Thank you to my foster parents.

Once I was in my forever home, I developed back & neck pains, which required surgery. I couldn’t point to what hurt, I simply winced in pain. Sadly, my forever family wasn’t in a position to care for my medical needs.

Thankfully, BREW helped me (again!!). After surgery to repair four herniated discs, I returned to my original foster family. Foster families are angels, disguised as people. My foster family nursed me back to health, and then helped me find a wonderful new home.
Happily, I share my permanent home with two cats and my mom. She walks me often, and there are other dogs in my neighborhood. There are always new scents to explore! I love to play with kids they enjoy petting & playing with me! Many children (and adults) tell me how cute I am.

I have plenty of toys, interactive time with my people & the silly cats. I am fortunate that my mom works from home. When I want anything, from gentle pets or scratches to a walk outside, I simply nudge her.

My home includes a very soft, snuggly dog bed. Now that I am fully recovered from my spinal surgery, and with permission, I jump onto my moms bed. The cats are usually there, too. I don’t mind sharing a bed with the cats because I love snuggling with my person.

Thank you to BREW, my foster parents, and all the wonderful volunteers who turned my life around. Instead of a happy ending, I prefer to think of it as a very happy beginning to the rest of my life.

My name is Louie. Louis is the French form of the German name Ludwig. Ludwig is composed of the words for "fame" (hlod) and "war" (wig), which may be translated to famous warrior. Perhaps its beagle stubbornness; I always held my dream that my loving forever family was out there somewhere!

BREW fought for me, now I simply relax & enjoy my new life. Thank you very much!

Janet Maguire
(Louie's 'mom')

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