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Published: May 1, 2011

I've been adopted!!

Gender: Female

Age: 12-13

Lonnie was adopted 6 years ago and returned because "Lonnie's getting older, requires more individual time and attention." Uh....DUH! Wouldn't you if you were that old?

Lonnie is very affectionate, gets along with all animals and children. She is crate trained. She does not like being left alone in strange environments. She loves one on one attention. She does not like being left outside alone - she is a house dog (AS ALL BREW DOGS ARE).

She sleeps or rests a lot and snores. She would be wonderful for seniors or a family with kids. She is very generous with attention.

Sponsored by: Peter Schleck

Jerry Pape

Maria Allen

Missy Sheppard

Chris Atkinson

22 Responses

  1. Peter Schleck

    Lady Lonnie is a total doll. Folks should know how special the older pups are…

  2. Deb Szymanik

    What great, wonderful news! Way to go Lonnie and Peter.

  3. Peter Schleck

    Welcome home, Lonnie.

  4. Hi,
    I am looking to adopt. My 18 year old beagles just went to rainbow bridge. She must get along well with my 19 year old beagle and 18 year old cat. I have adopted and fostered many beagles………..so I feel very sad for her.

  5. Peter Schleck


    Sounds like you may well have a great forever home for Lonnie…


    Peter Schleck

  6. Peter Schleck

    How’s Lonnie?

  7. Israel Montiel

    Well isnt she adorable.I have a maltese and is the BIGGEST couch potatoe you’ll ever see.I am interested in her beacuse my dog is also a senior he is 7 and has slowed down.He needs a companion,but one thats like him not to hyper,but calm.He barks at only one thing if no one is home he will bark at the door if someone is home he will go get the person that is home.well you get it I just want a old dog to spend his last years with my doggy.

  8. Zoe

    Where is she located?

  9. Scott

    I agree. My beagle mutt (think of a tan beagle) hardly ever snores, not even for treats!

  10. How in the world could anyone part from that sweetiepie? My Boscoe, who passed a month ago tomorrow, had that same look. Wide round eyes, white face and all sugar. Those are the BEST dogs to share a life with.

  11. Georgann G

    I’m not sure why the icon for bad fo apartment is listed for her. She is fine in the crate, and only barks when it’s meal time. She is such a great foster dog and she will make a great addition to her forever home.

    • Laura

      Georgann, that’s an error on my part. I will remove it. Sorry!

  12. Melinda Way

    Aw, I hope Lonnie finds a new home soon – I love the old dogs!

  13. Krystle

    Snoring beagles are so cute!!

  14. Georgann G

    Lonnie is a wonderful dog! House trained, loves to go for a walk, but also content to hang on the sofa or check out the backyard.

  15. Alex

    i want another puppy sooo bad!!

  16. Jessie

    Older dogs need love too! We have a 18 yr old beagle and love him to death!

  17. Emily Decobert

    I don’t see how they could part with such a faithful and wonderful companion. The right owner is just waiting for her………

  18. Peter Schleck

    No worries! I am just sorry I can’t take her home myself right now…

  19. Peter Schleck


    I hope B.R.E.W. re-posts some pictures of you! You will be adopted in no time.


    Peter Schleck

    • Laura

      Peter, her photos will be back, I promise!

  20. Hi Lonnie! Hope you find a good home soon.


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