High Energypuppy
Published: April 30, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Female

Age: 6 weeks

I look sad - but I'm not! I'll be finding my Forever Home soon...and then I'm going to turn that frown upside down.

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  1. Pamela

    We are bringing our baby home today! Her new name is Nimue, and we are excited to add her to our family.

  2. Pamela

    our 3 year old, Hephty, has a ton of energy and needs a playmate. Nya, 12, just doesn’t have it in her to entertain him, so he gets bored…hence…puppy….

  3. Marti K

    Thanks Pamela! Yes, please give Butterscotch some scratches and hugs from me:) I wish I can visit the pups, but we live in Chicago! LOL! We will meet Butterscotch when I go out to Baltimore to take him home! We also have two beagles at home- Cooper who is about 5 and is tri-colored and Bridgette who is about 4 1/2; also a tri-color. I’m glad to hear that someone else will have 3 beagles too!:)

  4. Pamela

    Thanks, Marti. And congrats to you, too. We are going to visit the pups tomorrow. I will give Butterscotch scritches for you if you’d like. I can’t wait to bring her home to meet her big brother and sister (3 year and 12 year old beagles…a red and a tri-color).

  5. Marti K

    Congrats Pamela in adopting Lollipop!! She is such a sweety:) We are in the process of adopting Butterscotch!! I can’t wait:)!!


  6. Pamela

    I have been soooo waiting to see “Adoption Pending”!!!! Pretty little miss, We can’t wait until we can take you home and give you many snuggles! Your big brother and sister are waiting to meet. Welcome to our pack!

  7. Lucille

    I am interested in adopting Lollipop or Marie Curie. Are they still avaiable for adoption?

  8. Pamela

    Can’t wait to see her again!

  9. Kelly & Mike

    We are VERY interested in Lollipop – how can we find out more?

  10. Kelly & Mike

    We would be VERY interested in Lollipop – where in the USA is she? We are in Ohio

    • Laura

      Kelly & Mike,

      Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies AND for choosing rescue!

      BREW Inc. is in the DC area – quite a hike for you. If you’re interested in adopting, I suggest you contact BREW Mid-West at

      Laura Charles Johnson
      Director, BREW, Inc.

  11. Jessie

    I can’t wait to adopt her! (Just kidding, my parents would never let my family get a third beagle)

  12. Marti K

    Lollipop and her siblings are SO CUTE and SWEET!! How soon will they be available for adoption? I would love to adopt Lollipop or one of her siblings! We have Bridget who we adopted two years ago from BREW. She is doing great! We have another beagle named Cooper. I think our two beagles would love a new addition! Your new website is great. Thank you for doing all that you do for the beagles:)

  13. Sharon Bonner

    You have done a great job with this new website. Love the slideshow at the beginning.

    Our little Beaglegirl, Lanie (changed her name), we adopted about 8 years ago, is doing well. We will be back again when we need another dog.

    Keep up the good work for a wonderful cause. We are all so lucky to know and/or have a beagle :>) Congratulations and Best of Luck!

  14. Bobbi Spahr

    I want to adopt one of the new pups so badly but I have my hands full with General Tso and Dumpling from several years back. They’re doing great but are so spoiled!

    The new site looks GREAT and is so easy to navigate! Way to go BREW!!!

  15. mars

    I think I want HER::) and HER::) whole family!!

  16. mars

    I think I want him and his whole family::)

  17. Julie Garrett

    The white beagles are so adorable! Congratulations on your new website, great job!

  18. Lucinda

    I love these babies!

  19. Luna

    What a beautiful pup!

  20. Amie Brickl

    Love these little guys!!!! Makes me want to get a friend for Cooper 🙂

  21. Trish

    What a sweet face!! I’m sure someone will take him home soon!

  22. Nicole

    So sweet ! What an adorable liter- I’m sure they’ll all find great homes in a snap!

  23. Chris

    This is THE cutest puppy ever! <3……

  24. Pat Colsher

    How very cute!

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