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Published: November 5, 2016

I'll be at the March 25 adoption day in Manassas VA!

UPDATE - 17 MARCH 2017: Lola is revealing herself to be a more alpha gal than we had originally suspected. She trounced one of our male beagles when he got too close to her dessert and has been having continuous scraps with our resident diva. Lola is also more independent as she becomes more comfortable in our home. We get the feeling she might do well as a lone beagle now that we know her better.

12 MARCH 2017: Lola continues to make strides in big city living every day. She met her first cat, and was stunned! She doesn't mind walking in the rain in the least. Lola is happiest in the company of other dogs. She is learning to cuddle with humans and is starting to like being picked up and sitting in a lap to watch TV. She enjoys her foster dad crooning Bob Dylan tunes to her. Lola's appetite remains voracious; she can hop up onto the kitchen table in the wink of an eye to investigate what is for supper tonight! Lola likes to keep herself up to date with what everyone is doing, and goes from room to room to keep her paw on the pulse.

9 MARCH 2017: Yesterday on our long walk, Lola suddenly flopped down in the grass and then began rolling around enthusiastically; she likes to wallow in the leaves and stretch out on the bed in the sun, too. This is a girl who knows how to enjoy herself. Lola is very thoughtful and supportive of the other dogs; when they need anything, she comes and gets me. Lola loves to play. She tosses toys in the air and catches them, and growls and rolls around like a puppy then roughhouses with the others. Lola likes children but she is most fond of squirrels and yummy robins.

5 MARCH 2017: Lola is a treat to have as a guest. She is quiet and polite, and respectful of the other dogs. Lola appears to have a clue about housetraining. Walking on a leash seems to be a new endeavor for her and when we took her for a hike today she kept turning around to look at me with eyes that said "Why are you still following me around with that rope?" She does not pull on the leash, and goes potty while on the leash. She rides well in the car. Lola likes her food and walks on her hind legs, pulling everything off the table while we are trying to eat. She needs to be gated out of the kitchen during our meal time. Lola looks very much like Max in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

21 FEBRUARY 2017: Lovely Lola is now fully vetted and ready for her foster or forever home!

10 NOVEMBER 2016: Lola has some vetting to wrap up, but she will be available soon!

Original information: Lola is a 3-year-old female that is friendly and good with other dogs.  She was a stray at the Madison County Animal Shelter, so her history is unknown. Lola is now fully vetted and available for adoption or fostering!

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