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Published: July 27, 2012

I've been adopted!

Age: 4-5 years

Gender: Male

Logan is a sweet boy. He loves humans and seems to do fine with other dogs and cats. Logan enjoys sitting by the window and looking out or snoozing. He has finally mastered our stairs. When he first arrived he had to be shown, paw by paw, how to climb them. But now he bounds up and down with no problems. Logan also now enjoys eating his food, which he had to be coaxed into eating when he first arrived. That’s unusual for a beagle! He is doing fine in his crate where he stays during the work day and where he also gets fed. Other than the first day and night in our house, Logan hasn’t attempted to mark inside the house.
We go for walks at least three times a day. Logan is a little unsure in the city due to some loud noises such as trucks or motorcycles. He gets a bit scared and will pull to try to get away from the noise. But generally, he is good on his walks, doesn’t pull too much, and ambles along wherever you’re willing to lead him. Logan likes to play with dog toys such as nylabones, deer antlers and kongs (even if there is no treat inside!). One time he took an empty plastic soda bottle and knocked it around and threw it up in the air then chased it all around. It was very entertaining to watch.
Logan is on the lower energy side of the spectrum. But he can also have bursts of energy. We took him to a fenced-in dog park and Logan loved running around chasing us. When he gets inside the house, then he’s perfectly fine snoozing or cuddling with his humans for pets.

Logan is a 4-5yr old, fully vetted, beagle boy that might have a touch of basset in there.  He is super friendly and gets along great with other dogs.  He was a stray in Louisa Co. so his history is unknown.

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  1. Kristen

    So cute! Id love to adopt him! How can I?!

  2. Deb Szymanik

    Logan is such a handsome little guy – just love the beagle/basset mixes. He looks like a beagle boy who would be ready for any adventure – and probably nice long walks. Hope he finds a foster home soon.

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