Little Man

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Published: May 15, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Male

Age: 6-7 months

NEW!!! Little Man came to us around 3 weeks ago. For the first couple of days he was a little unsure about his surroundings and would run away from my husband and I when we tried to get near. He is now starting to feel more comfortable with us and comes to us most of the time. He especially loves his tummy rub and butt scratched in the mornings. I have a beagle puppy around the same age and this has helped Little Man tremendously in learning how to be a happy outgoing puppy. The two of them play, sleep and eat together and he has quickly learned the routine. He is very smart and has a wonderful submissive sweet personality, and he is at a perfect age where he just needs to be filled with all the right information to grow up and become a wonderful pet. Because he has spend his short life surrounded by only dogs, he is very reliant on my puppy so he would need to go to a home where the adopter has another dog. I have never encounter this with a 7 month old but this little guy came to us fully house trained. He has not had one accident in the house and lets us know when he needs to go potty. I also do make sure that when I am around he goes out every hour or so but he will go out through the dog door for bathroom time if he needs to. Little Man goes to doggie daycare with my puppy Tuesdays and Thursdays. This has really helped build his confidence and given him the opportunity to play with other dogs, which he loves and to meet new people. Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have a dog walker come to the house around mid day to take Little Man and my puppy for a walk. On those days they are crated together and he does not mind being in the crate as long as he has his buddy around. Little Man has never chewed anything in the house other than doggie chews I have given him. He also isn't food crazy, I actually have to wait for him to finish his food as he is a very slow eater and if not monitored, my little one will steal his food. Little Man will make a wonderful additional to any family with a pet, he just needs a little extra TLC but what puppy doesn't at that

LittleMan is a cute little 6-7mth old male beagle that is a little unsure about things right now.  He was abandoned with Kudos in South Boston, VA.  Kudos has taken great care of this little beagle boy.  He has a cheerful nature but needs a little TLC to build his confidence.

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  1. Colleen

    I have filled out my application and hope to meet him this weekend! He really seems like a good fit for our family. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Kathleen Halverson

    What is the status of Little Man? Several people seemed interested in him, so I just want to make sure he is still available. I am in the process of looking at the other dogs available for adoption and fostering, as well. We are considering both options right now and are in the process of deciding which option is better for our family.

    We currently have a 4yo beagle/bassett mix named Jupiter. Our 2-year-old son loves him!

    • Laura


      He is still available and is in a foster home.

  3. Danielle

    Thank you for the quick reply. I am filling it out now.

  4. Danielle

    is the foster process (i.e. paperwork) the same as for the adoption? I am not seeing any paperwork specifically for fostering.

    • Missy

      Yes, the process is the same. You would not pay the application fee to foster though.

  5. Mary

    oh my gosh. he is adoreable, i am inlove with him! i want him!

  6. Danielle

    Will he be at the Alexandria Adoption Event this weekend?

    • Laura

      Danielle, I don’t believe so, no. I’m sorry.

  7. Anthony

    I am really interested in adopting the sweetie

  8. Anthony

    I am interested in adopting the beagle how do I do that ?

    • Laura

      You can apply via the adoption application found on our website. Email me at if you have questions.

  9. Marti K

    Little Man is such a SWEETY!! Since he was found with Kudos, I wonder if he was from the same home. I hope that they both find really good forever homes! I wish I could help , but I’m in the process of adopting my new little beagle puppy Butterscotch!:). I know that BREW will take good care of them!

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