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Published: July 14, 2012

I've been adopted!

Age: 2-3

Gender: Female

Update from her foster home (7/29):

Linny is the cutest little bundle of joy! One of the most happiest, sweetest and loving little beagles I have ever met. She is very slender and delicately boned.

Linny loves to play with her toys, her foster beagle brother, Luke, and her humans. She is good with other dogs, her foster brother and the other small dogs we met at the dog park.

She is fairly good on the leash and she recognizes that the leash means a walk. She knows her name and a few commands, but like all beagles may choose to ignore them.

So far there have been no accidents in the house.  Linny is quiet, only barking a few times when we have had our rambunctious playtime. She will also stay in her crate with only a little whine at first then she settles down. She does not go into the crate on her own but will not resist you putting her in it.

Linny is a beautiful little girl and loves to have her picture taken!

Linny came to visit today. I was surprised at how little she is. Maybe she should be called Skinny Linny. She is very delicately made. Her coloring is dilute - so her brown is a lovely fawn color. She is friendly and seems to understand stairs and furniture. She enjoyed playing with my stocky Tasso. She can run fast, but also comes running to me when I call (I can't say I could compete with a squirrel or something fun like that!). She enjoys getting pets and kisses. She is a lovely little lady. She can be a bit of a door darter, so you need to be careful with her!

Linny's story with BREW is an unusual one: She was at a WV shelter as a stray when there was a raid on a hoarder in the county. The incoming dogs caused a major crowding crisis at the shelter. So, in an attempt to save as many dogs as possible, the shelter staff worked to move the most adoptable dogs to rescues.

Linny was one of those adoptable dogs!

She described as sweet, loving, adorable, and \"cute as a bug's ear\" (which I suppose is terribly cute, right!?)

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  1. Brenda B

    Linny is just what I’ve been looking for: an energetic little sister for my 11 year old boy beagle to have as a doggie companion! And for me too.. my Jake follows me everywhere, including bed. My husband & I have a large fenced property near woods, and 2 teenage daughters who love animals as much as we do! We also have 2 adult female cats who keep to themselves. I work from home, so I am with them as much as they’re with me. Thank you.

  2. Lucy

    I had the pleasure of dog sitting Linny for three days, and if I could take in a dog right now she would not be available to you!!! She is sweet and loving. She loves her walks, and very energetic, but is past the crazy puppy stage. She was so excited every time a new person came in the door. After a happy greeting, she settled down again right away. I LOVE this dog!

  3. Stephanie M

    If Linny is available, we are interested in adoption. Thank you.

  4. Liz

    Is Linny available for adoption or just fostering? I am ready to adopt a little girl! 🙂

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Liz, she is absolutely available for adoption! Please submit an adoption application to get things started. Thanks!

  5. Heather Field

    What a sweet little darling! Love to Linny, and fingers crossed that she finds her loving, happy forever home SOON. XO

  6. Well, whatever “cute as a bug’s ear means” she is a most adorable beagle girl!

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