Age: 3 Years Gender: Female
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Published: December 26, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

22 JANUARY 2017: Lilybell came to her foster home today, took one look at the stairs and decided we humans are beyond understanding though we do serve good food. She could be called a chowhound.  Lilybell walks nicely on the leash but gets excited with all the excellent smells around; she wants to major in the Interior Life of the Squirrel and is very sad that we are not encouraging her to further her education. She has urinated while on her walk. Lilybell gets along well with the other dogs and she has not barked once today. She purred when being toweled off after her bath, and she is very loving. Lilybell rides calmly in the car.

DECEMBER 2016: Lilybell is a small, 3-year-old, spayed female beagle that is friendly and good with other dogs.  She was an owner give-up with Leroy and Loki due, unfortunately, to a domestic violence situation in the home. Stay tuned as well get to know Lilybell better!

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