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Published: December 23, 2014

I’ve Been Adopted!

Lilly is an adorable, three-year-old, spayed female beagle who weighs 21 pounds and has liver coloring. She came to BREW via one of our vets after her owners were unable to care for her. She just moved into a foster home. Lilly originally lived in an apartment, is very quiet, and gives little puppy kisses.

Lilly jumped right in the car when the door was opened. While we were waiting for her records, she put her front paws on my leg, pressed her little head to my thigh and whimpered. When I leaned down to assure her that she was coming with me she gave me the softest beagle kisses. She rode in the car uncrated and only wandered around the car when during a gas stop. When we got home, my other foster dog, Flora, sniffed her all over, and there was no growling or barking.

Lilly seems like she would be a great first time dog/beagle owner and for a condo, apartment, or townhouse. She also seems to be house-trained and likes sleeping on the sofa. When Flora started barking at kids on the sidewalk, Lilly just watched and did not join in.

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  1. Do you cover MA, Walpole

    • Erin

      Hi, Anthony – BREW typically covers up to eastern PA and DE, and occasionally parts of NY and NJ. You might try BONES – Beagles of New England States. There is also a nice list of rescues online HERE. Good luck!

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