Lil’ Anne

Published: December 31, 2013

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 5 monthsLil-Anne3

Gender: Female

Lil' Anne is NOT available through BREW. If you are interested, please contact Teresa at:



Due to popular demand,  the little coonhound is named Lil' Anne after the redbone in the movie "Where the Red Ferns Grow".   She is a sweetie, energetic and definitely works that nose.  She is smart, may make a good working dog, search and rescue but is definitely a puppy and lots of fun.

She weighs about 35lbs and is absolutely gorgeous.  From what I have read, redbone coonhounds are very much like beagles in personality and make excellent pets for families with children.  She is super sweet, big personality to go along with that gorgeous bay, needs a little training but knows all about belly rubs!!  She is supersmart, learned the doggy door (coming in to the building at least) immediately.  When I agreed to take her, she was in the shelter lobby doing the little doggy bow, back end wagging feverishly, looking up showing the whites of those big brown eyes with long ears just flopping, being just too darn cute!!!  The shelter begged me to take her. What could I say?


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