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Published: December 26, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

24 FEBRUARY 2017:  Leroy is doing excellent. His house-training has improved and he rarely has an accident. Leroy snores. He loves to watch television and did not believe in monsters until he met the vacuum cleaner. Leroy is so kind and caring of our 17 year old beagle. Leroy is simply a lovely dog.

Leroy is a high energy boy, and not just because he laps up coffee out of my mug whenever he can sneak it. Leroy will benefit from a place he can run around every day as well as some long walks. He is doing better on the leash in just a week's time. Oh, and baths are not his thing. He thinks it's like trying to improve perfection.

21 FEBRUARY 2017: Leroy was quick to greet the first visitor to Saturday's adoption day who reported that the top of his head smells like goodness. Leroy has a monumental sense of humor, and he is always eager for the next excellent adventure. He adores riding in the car and is ready to explore what awaits at the end of the ride. Leroy's enthusiasm is infectious and inescapable; he is the perfect (active!) dog!!

19 FEBRUARY 2017: If you require aggressive cuddling in your life, Leroy is the BREW beagle for you. He is a CUDDLING MACHINE! Leroy has not yet perfected housetraining but he will pee while on the leash. He gets really excited on walks and we have found ourselves all wound up in his leash.  He is respectful of the other dogs and seems very social. We have had to be careful around opening the door because when we got out, Leroy wants to accompany us. Leroy has a really positive attitude and who wouldn't with four little white ankle socks?

First impressions: Leroy is a handsome 3-year-old beagle boy that is playful and friendly. He was an owner give-up with Loki and Lilybell due, unfortunately, to a domestic violence situation in the home. Leroy will be available soon for adoption. Stay tuned as well get to know him better!

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  1. Does Leroy show any signs of separation anxiety when you go out? Do you crate him when you go out?


    • LindaC

      Leroy just went to a foster home this past weekend. So far we know he is ALL BOY ALL BEAGLE ALL THE TIME! He will need to be crated for his safety. Please check back in a few weeks when his foster family posts an update on his progress.

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