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Published: April 30, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Male

Age: 6 weeks

I'm one of 4 puppies born to a fantastic mommy on March 21st. You know what's even more amazing? That ALL FOUR of us are lemons. Seriously...not a tri-color among us!

You won't be able to resist me or my siblings.

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  1. Help please. Looking for a lemon drop beagle. Please contact me with any breeeder information. Thank you all in advance!!

    • Erin

      Hello, James – we work to rescue and rehome homeless beagles, of which there are already far more than we are able to help. We do not breed dogs or have any breeder contacts. You can, however, view our wonderful adoptable beagles right HERE.

  2. Marian Jean Krajec

    I am interested in adopting one of the lemon puppies, I have already been approved by
    BREW. Thank You

    Marian Jean Krajec

    I am really exciting about this, plese email me ASAP

    • Missy

      This puppy was adopted.

  3. Marti K

    Congratulations Nancy! Oblio is such an adorable sweety! What a neat name too:) We are in the process of adopting Butterscotch!! I can’t wait to bring him home to meet the rest of our pack! Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

  4. Nancy

    Lollipop was very cute – she definitely keeps those boys in tow. Congratulations to you as well. We’re so looking forward to bringing our buddy home. He’ll be a nice 6 year birthday present for our daughter’s female beagle, Kaela! Oblio is a very special name to our now-grown children, so we think it’s a perfect fit for him!

  5. Pamela

    Of course I meant Lollipop!!!!!!! We are bringing Lollipop into our house!

  6. Pamela

    Congrats Nancy! I loved playing with Oblio’s ears when went to meet Lemondrop. We are also excited to bring Lemondrop into our house! (still debating names)

  7. Nancy

    I just love Friday the 13th! We just got approved to adopt Lemondrop! He is headed for a very loving, EXCITED family and even though we like the name “Lemondrop”, we’ve decided to rename him “Oblio” when we get him home. I am so impressed with the BREW organization. They run a very tight ship because they want to be sure these beagles get the best homes possible. Their care and concern is so evident in the way the approach the adoption process. Thanks so much to Laura, Tricia, Pao Lin, Donna and Linda! You guys are terrific!!!

  8. Marti K

    OMG- the new pictures of Lemondrop are super!! So are the new pictures of his siblings!! I am waiting to hear back after my first phone interview about adopting one of these ADORABLE sweet lemon puppies:)

  9. Pamela

    Lemondrop is a darling! He romps and plays with his mates!

  10. Monica

    Omg oh so cute where do i go to try to adopt lemon drop

  11. Jessie

    OMG cutest little puppies IN THE WORLD! 😀

  12. Marti K

    Lemondrop and his siblings are SO SWEET and ADORABLE!! I haven’t really seen too many lemon beagles! I would love to adopt Lemondrop or one of his siblings! We have two beagles now- Bridget who we adopted from BREW two years ago (who is doing great, by the way!) and a sweet boy beagle named Cooper who we adopted. How soon are they available for adoption? Thank you for all that you do for the beagles:) Your new website is great!

  13. I tried to comment on Bella’s page, but it didn’t go through. The new site looks great! Lemondrop is gorgeous with the perfect ears! I love beagle ears…. so velvety! Good luck to this lucky litter that found it’s way to BREW!

    • Laura

      Karen, it went throught…it was just waiting for me to approve it!

  14. Bobbi Spahr

    OMG…look at those ears. I just want to scoop this one up and give him kisses and belly rubs! Is dad a beagle too or is that unknown?

    • Laura

      We don’t know who the father was. But he sure contributed to some adorable puppies!

  15. magdeline simonis

    lemon beagles are sooo cute! i have always wanted one, so whoever gets these puppies are lucky!

  16. Rosa Calcari

    Lemondrop is a very special beagle, I can see it in his photo! BREW will find him and his littermates excellent homes. Thank you, BREW, for all you do to rescue precious and deserving beagles! Every one of them deserves a loving home, and you help them into great new lives. By the way, Linda Craze rules!!!!!!!!

  17. nicole Marie

    They are absolutely adorable! And they’re all lemons so boot!

  18. Jennifer Hill

    Love the website and love love Lemondrop! So cute. Thanks for all you do for the Beagle babies!

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