Ladybug: Overcoming her Fears

Published: April 16, 2011

Sharon & I adopted "Ladybug" in August of 2000. She evidently had been badly abused in Charlottesville, Va. She was extremely shy, and would jump at any movement. She was so nervous that when she ate, she would be ready to run away at any minute. We surmise she had to fight for her food before. She is 14 pounds and growing. We have a 11 year old beagle named Casper who literally adopted the Ladybug as we affectionately call her..As you know all of us dog people are super affectionate so after putting the love into Ladybug she has begun to give it back to us. She is overcoming all her fears. Of course, she snuggles on the bed with my wife's electric blanket to stay warm in the cold weather. She is really the love of our lives and would like to consider another one in the future.
Marvin & Sharon Beitler

P.S. The Brew Program is sensational.


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