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Published: November 24, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Krista12

Age: 4-5 years

Gender: Female

UPDATE - 21 MARCH 2014: Krista has been in my home now for 3 months.  She is crate-trained and almost completely house-trained.  When it comes to human contact, she is still a little on the shy side with some good days and some bad.  There are days when she is excited that she jumps on me (from behind), is approachable, and sits nicely for you to pet her, and there are days when she is afraid and will avoid you.  She now goes in her crate very nicely on her own.  She loves to play with toys and is great with the other dogs.  She plays often and curls up nicely with the rest of the pack.  Krista is a follower, so she would do best in a home with another dog.

Original info: Krista came to BREW from Louisa County, VA, where she was found as a stray. She is a little reserved and does better with another dog. We will know more about Krista once she moves into a foster home. Stay tuned for more info!

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  1. Here’s an update on our beautiful Krista.

    Renamed Daisy, she has become fast friends with our other two Brew Beagles, Honey Bunches (mother of the cereal beagles) and Google. Daisy loves the big backyard where she can hunt around with Honey, or visit the neighbors dogs along the fenceline.

    She’s still timid with visitors, but has really opened up to her family. She’s so happy every morning, she tap dances and wags her tail when she sees us. Her silly side has come out, demonstrated by the games she makes up with her fuzzy toys. Her favorite is when she “steals” them from their pile and runs through the house to the guest room, where they get tossed and pounced upon.
    Daisy has been a great addition to our pack, she brings smiles to our faces every day.

    • Erin

      Thanks for the update, Jennifer and Dave – we are so glad to hear this sweet girl is doing well! Feel free to post updates on our Facebook page, too!

  2. Jennifer Hilliard

    Can we message privately? Missy and Mary Lou have my e-mail address. Thanks.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Jennifer – Mary Lou will be in touch. Thanks!

  3. Jennifer Hilliard

    We are definitely thinking about it. Just a little concerned about putting her in the kennel for a few days when we go away for a weekend because she would not have been with us that long.

    • ErinS

      Jennifer – She probably would not be very happy in a kennel, but you could always wait until after your trip. Thanks for considering!

  4. Jennifer Hilliard

    Where is she being fostered?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Jennifer – Krista is currently fostered in Virginia, and we work with adopters in and around northern Virginia up to eastern PA and DE. Arrangements can be made for approved adopters to meet specific dogs. More information on the application process can be found HERE. Thanks for your interest!

      • Jennifer Hilliard

        We have adopted from BREW previously as well as fostering for BREW and have also done some home checks. We are foster failures and we love our BREW beagles!

        • ErinS

          Hi, Jennifer – absolutely no pressure, but let us know if you might be interested in fostering Krista. Her current foster mom doesn’t mind keeping her until adoption, but we are looking for a new foster home if a suitable one can be found. Thanks for your support of BREW!

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