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Published: December 12, 2013

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 12 JANUARY 2015: Kringle here with an update for the the interwebz! I am active when the time allows and mellow when it counts. Being a mature boy, I enjoy lounging in the house and sleeping late. You can find me snuggled in a dog bed and I never get up on the furniture. I get along well with the other dogs in the house. My beagle sister likes to share my bed so you will often see us snoozing together.  One time a puppy came to say hi, and he was trying to chew on my ear. I just let him ‘cause he didn’t know you aren’t supposed to say hi that way. It didn’t bother me.

I’m not a huge fan of car rides, and I need a little help getting into the car. Car trips make me a little uneasy so my tummy gets upset. It helps if I don’t eat before taking a trip. When my foster mom goes to work, she gives me a treat and I go in my crate. My crate has a nice blanky so I just sleep quietly until she gets home. If she leaves the house for a just a little while, sometimes she doesn’t make me get in the crate. I’m such a good boy, I don’t mess with anything, and I just usually take a nap.

My all-time favorite thing is being in the yard. I like smelling the grass, watching the birds, guarding against bunnies. I’m really a good boy in the yard- I never dig or anything. If I do see something to bark about, then mom calls me and pets me and I forget about whatever it was I was barking about.  When we are outside, sometimes the neighbor’s come to visit. The kids like to pet me so we hang out together. I will let anyone pet me because I’m friendly. I don’t bark at noises or people walking, by, so I guess that means I would be good for an apartment. (I just love being in the yard so much when it is nice out, I might be sad in an apartment.)

Meals and treats make me really happy. I get so happy I bark and jump a little. That is my only bad habit. I don’t even try to see what is on the kitchen counter or in the bathroom trash can. I’m such a good boy. I’d really like to have my fur-ever home soon.  I know we’ll get along swell!

14 MARCH 2014: Kringle is such a great beagle boy! Being a senior, he does nap well, but he loves going for a walk. His bursts of energy are so funny and he will try to romp with his foster beagle siblings like a puppy. At first, he was tempted to counter surf and he needed to learn manners around people food. It didn't take long for him to learn how to be a nice boy in the kitchen. Furniture doesn't seem to interest him, he snuggles happily in dog beds. The report from an adoption day was that nothing phased him- he loved adults, kids, anyone who would pet him. Kringle waits nicely while being brushed, although getting a bath wasn't his favorite. He would love to find his forever family. Wouldn't your family like to share some love with him?

Original info: Kringle is a  7-8yr old male beagle.   This little guy has been dumped twice!!  Fortunately the hungry fellow was found by someone that  knew he had been discarded a second time and brought this little guy entering his golden years to BREW. Stay tuned as we learn more about Kringle!

Sponsored by Kelly Collingwood In Honor of Sandy Menden

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  1. Debbie Szymanik

    There is nothing like a senior beagle! This handsome guy is young compared to my senior – she is 19! I hope and pray he finds a loving home soon. He is precious.

  2. Scott Brown

    Kringle is a beautiful old boy. Happy to sponsor him. My 10 year old beagle is my best friend and anyone who doesn’t consider an old dog is missing out.

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