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Published: February 26, 2014

I've Been Adopted!

ANOTHER UPDATE - 23 MARCH 2014: Kobi is a new foster home with no fence to be climbed.  He settled in very nicely with his 2 foster brothers.  He tries to get them to play but they're older and not interested.  He likes his naps also.  With his feet up!

QUICK UPDATE - 21 MARCH 2014: Cute, little Kobi had settled nicely into a foster home over the past week. Unfortunately, he proved to be a fence-climber, so he is back in boarding for now to keep him safe. Kobi will need a forever home with a tall , non-chain-link fence or no fence at all (plus plenty of walks!). Also, during his brief stay in foster home #1, we found out that Kobi is good with cats!

Original info: Kobi is a 2-year-old male who will be available for adoption after his vetting is completed [update: Kobi is now vetted!].  This tiny little boy is very friendly and is good with other dogs and small children.  He was a stray in Louisa County, Virginia so his history is unknown.

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  1. Charity

    Any updates on this guy?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Charity – Kobi actually has an adoption pending. If you would like to submit an application, I’m sure BREW can work with you to find a great match! Thanks for your interest!

  2. rachael Wilson

    Hi, I’m looking into adopting this Lil guy or another one of your dogs but i have never adopted before, what are your requirements and info for me to be able to adopt.

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Rachel, you need to submit an adoption application on our website. As for requirements, we require that the beagle be an inside dog, not left in the backyard or garage during the day. We do a phone interview and homecheck before we approve your application.

  3. Hopefully the dogs that we are interested in Bailey and Kobi may still be available on March 22 in Newark DE. The trip to Alexandria is two and a half hours, much to long a drive for us. F Y I there will be a new Petco opening in the Rehoboth area very soon, perhaps that may be an option for a dog adoption in the beach area. There are many dog lovers living here who like to walk their pets on the boardwalk. Christine Csider

    • ErinS

      Hi, Christine – It absolutely makes sense for you to aim for the event in DE. I’d also suggest you start the application process; that way BREW can work with you to identify some good potential matches. Thanks again for your interest!

  4. Debbie Wise

    Have you found a foster /home for Kobi? We adopted Scout (formerly known as Joey) 3 years ago. He is the love of my life. We may be interested in this little guy. Would love to hear from you.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Debbie – Kobi is still awaiting vetting and is not yet in a foster home, so we don’t know a whole lot about him yet. BREW can certainly work with you to find a good match for your home, and, since you are a previous adopter, you can contact laura@brewbeagles.org and/or missy@brewbeagles.org and let them know you may be interested in adopting another beagle, if you’d like to get the process started. Thanks for your interest in adopting another BREW beagle!

      • Debbie Wise

        I’m confused. There are several people on here, including myself, that is interested in this little guy yet he is being shown saying that he will be at the adoption event in Alexandria on Saturday. Why would you take him to the adoption event when you have people on here that are ready to take him now? I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not trying to be smart. I’m just trying to understand. As I indicated before I have already adopted one little guy from BREW so I obviously passed the test then. What would be the problem now. My situation is exactly the same now as it was 3 years ago except that I’m 3 years older. Again, please don’t think I’m trying to be smart. That is definitely not my intent.

        • ErinS

          Hello, Debbie – Apologies for the confusion. I am not involved in either the application process or selecting dogs to attend events, but BREW makes every effort to make sure each dog is adopted into a home that is a good match. That process can take some time, and adoption events not only allow potential adopters to meet dogs, but also help BREW to socialize the dogs, learn more about them, take new photos, and move dogs to new foster homes. Thank you for your patience, and assuming you have reached to Missy/Laura, someone should be in touch soon.

  5. We are looking for a smaller low key beagle as a companion for our 3 year old alpha female beagle.. We recently lost our 12 year old male beagle from cushing;s disease. We are seniors who would not be able to handle a highly energetic dog. . We live in Lewes De, have a nice fenced in yard with a doggy door. If Kobi or any of the other beagles would be a good match please contact us Thank You and good luck with your wonderful Beagle rescue mission. Christine and Ron Csider

    • ErinS

      Hello, Christine and Ron – we are so sorry to hear about the loss of your older beagle and would love to help you find a new companion for your younger dog. Kobi, like many of BREW’s other recent arrivals, is not yet in a foster home and is awaiting his vetting appointment. We’ll know a lot more about him once is able to be moved to a foster home. I’d suggest you go ahead and submit an application so we can start the process (described HERE), and BREW can then work with you to identify a good match for your household. Some other options might be Ol’ Red (fostered), Huck (not yet fostered), and Bentley (a bit bigger, but identified as low-key at the kennel, not yet fostered). Thanks for your interest in adopting a BREW beagle!

      • thank you for your response. PLease tell us where you are located,so we can determine how far we would have to travel from Lewes De to see the dogs that are up for adoption.Thank you

        • ErinS

          Hi, Christine – BREW actually does not have a facility. Instead, our dogs are located in foster homes and boarding facilities from VA up to Eastern PA and DE. Kobi and the three other dogs I mentioned are currently in VA, but arrangements can be made with approved adopters to meet specific dogs. We will also be holding adoption/meet-and-greet events in Alexandria, VA on the 15th and in Newark, DE on the 22nd of this month (see HERE for more information). Dogs who will be attending the events will have that noted in their website profiles prior to each event.

          • Thank you visiting Petco in Newark would be a good option for us as we could bring our dog Kayle with us to see if we can find a good match. I hope that either Kobi or Bailey will be there so we can meet them. How far in advance will your website indicate what dogs will be there?

          • ErinS

            You’re welcome, Christine. The dogs expected at an event are usually marked as such by mid-week during the week of the event. The preliminary Alexandria, VA list can already be seen HERE. The Alexandria events are typically much larger than those BREW holds in PA and DE, as most of the dogs in the rescue are housed in the greater Washington, DC area (dogs not currently fostered could ultimately end up being fostered outside the DC area, though).

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