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Published: March 13, 2012

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 6-7 years

Gender: Male

Kipper is a wonderful 30 lb beagle boy who came to us from Virginia on December 18. He traveled well and kept his crate clean and dry. For the first few days he was with us, Kipper was very skittish with me and with his foster beagle sister. He’s still submissive but seems to be gaining confidence as he realizes he’s now part of a family. Although his behavior makes me think he was a pet (maybe an outdoor pet), he’s definitely not familiar with things like the noise from TV or seeing his reflection in glass. It doesn’t scare him but it does get his attention. For his first few nights here, he slept in the crate without any difficulty. The few times he felt a need to go outside he barked to get my attention. For the last week, Kipper has mostly been sleeping on the bed with his foster sister and me; sometimes he comes out to the living room and sleeps on one of the dog beds there.

I crate him while I’m away and he’s kept his crate dry and hasn’t tried to eat the crate pad or the crate. Kipper doesn’t go into the crate on command (he is just getting used to his name) but will go in without a fuss and quickly settles down.

Housetraining has not been a problem. Except for a few accidents at the very beginning, he uses the dog door at will and will gladly go out on the leash as well. Any time I tell him to go out to potty, he does so without complaint. He loves to walk and to ride in the car where he usually falls asleep. A visit to the vet went very well; he allowed them to handle him and clean his ears even though he was obviously nervous about these new people.

A true beagle, Kipper will try to counter surf any chance he gets and eats with enthusiasm; he’s shown no food aggression and will wait for his turn to get food and treats. If he thinks it’s time to eat, he will bark but doesn’t keep on about it. He’s learning about toys and loves to pull them all out of the box, after which he spreads them around the area. I’m now getting glimpses of the playful dog he lets out when he feels secure. Once or twice he showed inappropriate interest in an electrical cord; when told no he backed off and hasn’t shown any interest since.

So far, Kipper has not been exposed to children or cats; those are on the list just haven’t yet been accomplished. He shares the house well with his foster sister; they don’t cuddle on the same dog bed but neither do they fight over toys or water bowls. They are fed in the same room at the same time without trouble. Kipper doesn’t like any interruption from his foster sister when he’s getting one on one attention from a person. He’s not mean; for right now he just doesn’t want to share attention.

Kipper is a wonderful dog. As he settles in either here or with a forever family, I fully expect his anxiety about attention will disappear. In fact just last night he decided he wanted to sleep at the head of the bed rather than the foot. He didn’t try to run Amber off from her usual spot; he just made sure he got there first and counted on me to protect him. I did and we all had a peaceful night.

Kipper is a 6-7yr old neutered beagle boy. He's friendly, submissive with people and gets along with other dogs. He was a stray at the Louisa County Animal Shelter so his history is unknown.

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  1. Cindy Pisarcik 540-868-8877

    Kipper is truly beautiful? so sweet looking. I would love to call him my own!

  2. Deb Szymanik

    What a sweet beagle boy. Glad to see his write up and that he is doing so well. Kipper has such a kind face. Paws crossed his forever family finds him soon.

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