Published: January 16, 2014

I've Been Adopted! Kip 02.25.2014 (2)

Age: 3-4 years

Gender: Male

NEW:  Kip used a Get Out of Jail Free card to escape the hustle and bustle of the boarding lifestyle for a few days. He enjoyed first class accommodations, fine dining, and abundant opportunities for relaxation, recreation and adventure during his stay at our all-inclusive property.  Kip opted to spend time at the house and also ventured out to explore the nearby dog park where he was able to work off some of his boundless energy. The on-site concierge was ready to help with his daily adventures and found a variety of ways to engage Kip’s playful and mischievous personality while supervising his endless curiosity. Possessing a basic understanding of commands helped him fit in and suggests he is already on his way to becoming a confident and well behaved member of the family not just a guest. Kip found ways to relax and reveal his happy, fun loving, free spirit. His outgoing and gentle personality helped him win canine and human friends. After a hard day of playing and socializing, he settled in nicely in his crate…excuse me…a fine, cozy place to hole up in winter where he could drift off to sleep. The rest and recreation ended too soon for this loving fellow. Kip is hoping to find a place where he can relax and enjoy these luxuries and amenities on a more permanent basis. He is looking for some place that he can call home.


From Kip's transporter (17 January 2014): Kip rode very quietly for his 2 1/2 hour transport.  He's a bigger boy who weighs in at 37 pounds (and he hadn't had anything to eat all day!).  He's a kisser. He has the potential to be a world class counter surfer.

Original information: Kip is approximately 3 to 4 years old and approximately 30 lbs [Note: we've weighed him since this, and he's actually 37 lbs!]. He did fine with other dogs he was "temp tested" with, can sit, give paw and even stand up on his back legs for treats (we aren't sure if that was a known trick or he was just that smart and that treat motivated). He walks beautifully on a leash and enjoys people. He did not seem overly interested in cats. He came in as a stray with another dog. The other dog was reclaimed but the family said Kip was not their pet.

4 Responses

  1. tom wizda

    i have not heard back from you about kip. i am very interested in him. please let me know if he is still availible.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Tom – please see above for my earlier response. Kip is still available at this time. You can learn about our adoption process HERE. If you have already submitted an application, a volunteer should be in touch with you soon. Thanks for your interest!

  2. tom wizda

    i just had to put down my beagle last week that looked liked kip. i am very interestedin him. i still have another beagle which was an offspring of mine. he has been lonley since. i have a big property for the dogs to run here in pa. i also have an outside and an inside dog pen. please respond.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Tom – we are so sorry to hear about your sweet beagle’s passing. Kip is currently available, and he should be moving to a foster home soon (weather-dependent). The first step toward adopting a BREW beagle is to fill out an application, and you can learn about the adoption process HERE. Please note that BREW typically covers eastern PA, whereas a separate rescue, Midwest BREW covers the western part of the state. Thank you for your interest in adopting a beagle!

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