King of the Castle

Published: April 13, 2011

Just wanted to drop a line to all you guys at BREW and say that we recently adopted Fonzie and are very pleased with him. In a few short weeks he has become king of the castle.

We lost our beagle Duke to cancer in December after fourteen years and I vowed that there wouldn't be another one to break my heart in two. After some very long days without Duke I again started thinking that I needed another beagle. I viewed your web site and saw Fonzie's picture. I instantly feel in love. The only problem was that my husband and I were in Florida for most of the winter. After many e-mails and phone calls BREW worked it out so that I might adopt Fonzie. He has healed my broken heart with his playfulness and affections. He fit right in the minute he arrived home with us. He is the most playful and mischievous little fellow. He really keeps us stepping, but that is what puppies are supposed to do right?

Hats off to BREW. It is a great organization.

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