Age: 2 Years Gender: Female
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Published: February 1, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

5 FEBRUARY 2017: We have learned many things about Kelsey after a week. She likes to watch television but Dirty Dancing bores her and puts her to sleep, snoring. She is a super cuddler if you extend the invitation then she cannot get close enough to you. Kelsey is on good terms with all the household dogs, and even snuggles with our female after they spent a day growling and barking at each others' faces. She would likely do well as a single dog as she seems so independent but she is also considerate and social. On our hike today in the woods, Kelsey was comfortable jogging along behind the pack until something caught her nose and she had an extended sniffing episode. Then she realized the others were far ahead and she charged after them, baying at the top of her lungs "Hey, guys! No fair! Wait for me." Kelsey is extremely food-driven and we have to gate her out of the kitchen while we eat.

1 FEBRUARY 2017: Attention bagel lovers: all the endearing traits of a bagel are packed into one dog- Kelsey! The half-in, half-out sleeping poses, the obsessive love of children, the sweet stubborness, the ground-shaking bark, the random charges of energy. Plus with Kelsey, you get house-trained, 100s of freckles, and the hunger of a horse. Kelsey is The Perfect Bagel!

30 JANUARY 2017: Kelsey was thrilled with the snow this morning and romped in it like a toddler. She is digging living in a home and having a little bed to snuggle up in. She met her ultimate foe last night when she saw her reflection in the fireplace glass enclosure but stopped growling upon realizing how attractive that dog was! Kelsey is a big fan of food.

First impressions: Kelsey is a 2-year-old female bagel (basset hound/beagle mix) who taught herself to go up and down in the stairs in a single afternoon. Loves kids, tolerates other dogs and cats. Kelsey is easy to walk on the leash and she "does her business" outside. She made herself at home immediately with no fuss or bother. She has adorable spots on her nose and legs. Available for adoption to the discriminating human.

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