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Published: February 10, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

11 OCTOBER 2016: Kai is doing really well. He is  almost completely house trained but still has an occasional accident. He is an escape artist when it comes to harnesses so he needs to have a collar and a harness when out on walks at all times. He is a cuddle bug and must have a friendly dog with him. If he is alone he will do everything in his power to get out. He will not come to anyone if he gets loose so it is critical that it not happen.  He is not aggressive and he loves to play! He has multiple personalities and he is a playful puppy in the bedroom but then in the living room he will hide and run from everyone. He needs to be with very experienced and patient people who won't mind him needing months to adjust and get comfortable. He travels better with another dog but still has a lot of anxiety in vehicles. He really is a very sweet and loving dog who needs lots of time to get comfortable.

JANUARY 2016: Kai was adopted in late 2015 and escaped from his owner. Fortunately, after several days and lots of work by BREW volunteers, another rescue was able to trap him while searching for another lost dog. Kai returned to BREW after his adventure.

FEBRUARY 2015: Kai is a 6-month-old male beagle who will be available after he is fully vetted [update: now vetted and about a year old!].  He is a little reserved but good with other dogs.  Kai came in with Slim as stray in Amelia County, Virginia, and his history is unknown.


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  1. Kt

    It’s been a while. Anything new on this young fella?

  2. could I get more information on Kai

    • Erin

      Hi, Mike – Kai is at our kennel awaiting a foster home, so we do not have any further information on him. Thank you for your interest!

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