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Published: November 15, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 2 JANUARY 2018 (From Kade's new foster mom): I picked up Kade four days ago and he has settled in quickly to the routines of the house. He has a long way to go on his dog manners, but he is a sweet, smart dog who is learning quickly. He has gotten the hang of using a leash and asking to go outside to use the bathroom. He knows his name and will come when called, for the most part. He sleeps in his crate and he will sometimes cry for a few minutes at bedtime, but settles down quickly. I have not heard Kade bark yet; he seems to be a pretty quiet fellow. But his energy is boundless. He will fetch tennis balls and return them to you endlessly. In his excitement to greet people or investigate what's cooking, he will jump on counters and people. He loves the resident beagle, even squeezing himself into a crate too small for him in order to sleep next to him. Kade also loves to dive into any available lap and flip over for a good scratch. He is still in the chewing phase of life, and when the mood strikes he will find something that looks enticing, put his mouth on it, pause, and then look up as if to ask "Is this OK?" Kade is an affectionate and energetic dog who is quickly adapting to house life.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Kade is a 1-year-old neutered male who is fully vetted and looking for a forever home. He is a mix but the size of your average beagle. He’s super sweet, playful and friendly and gets along well with other dogs and people. He was an owner give up with Kobi at the Louisa County Animal Shelter in Virginia because he didn’t hunt. He’s available for fostering or adoption.




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  1. I applied for Ralphie who is 4 months and did not realize that there were many applications.
    I did find Kade who is 1 year old just like the beagle mix I have now.
    We did paid double accidentally from 2 PayPal’s account. So please apply one for Wade. Thank you.

    • Janet

      Hi Lyda. We have received your application. You should be hearing from a volunteer soon to go over your application and talk about Kade and any other beagles who might interest you. Thank you for your interest in adopting another beagle!

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