Jinx (formerly Stumpy)

Published: August 13, 2017

We adopted Jinx (formerly Stumpy) from BREW in 2005. He was a 2-year old boy who kept getting in trouble. He'd lost his tail, his family, his job, and his home. So, we renamed him Jinx!

He was an immediate brother to our other rescue beagle, Buddy. They hit it off and were inseparable. Life for both of them was a constant stream of love, fun, naps, treats, cuddles, and friends. Because they were such great dogs, we began fostering other beagles and helping them find local homes. We raised our daughter (who was born in 2007 and welcomed home by these 2 beags) to be a lover of rescue animals and a caretaker of wayward beagles.

We attended a couple Beaglefests with these guys and truly enjoyed being a part of the BREW family. We continue to connect with other beagle rescue folks in our local (Minnesota) region, even though we're a bit beyond the range of BREW now.

Last December, our first beagle (Buddy) finally succumbed to old age, and a wide range of physical ailments. We were collectively crushed as a family, and we miss our 'original beagster' still. But his faithful companion, the Jinx Bear, followed him across the Bridge on Monday. He'd been fighting liver failure for a long while, and finally his little body let him down. After losing a significant amount of body weight (while we'd doubled his dinner servings, much to his amazement and approval), he just couldn't process food anymore. He lost energy, and the ability to balance well or rest comfortably, and we knew his time had come. We didn't want him to experience any further pain and we chose to let him go.

But, we wanted to leave a note here. BREW connected us with this boy a dozen years ago, and we promised a forever home. Our lives were greatly enhanced as a result. We have 3 other rescue beagles living in our home now, and we've fostered 2 more that found families too. Jinx is gone, but his legacy lives on, and will continue to do so for many more years.

He was a very good boy.

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  1. So sorrow for your loss. Jinx sounds like he was an awesome guy. It’s always heartbreaking when you have to make that decision. You have the consolation that he’s with his buddy. Kudos to you and your family for your love of rescue beagles. We lost Foxy 10 days ago. We grieve, but we know we gave her a loving caring forever home.

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