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Published: January 30, 2012


Age: 1-2

Gender: Female

I came in with my sister who is also with BREW.  I had x-rays and my right femur is badly broken in two places.  The shelter's vet recommended amputation - but BREW can do better!

Super Vet Dr. Campbell will be pinning my leg back together so I can keep it.  The surgery and post-op care will be expensive. Will you help BREW with a donation towards my care? All donors will be listed here on my page and all donations are tax-deductible.

I am a super sweet and very cute little girl. Pssst - I only weigh 16lbs!

Check back here for updates on me.

Sponsored by: Carol Bull in Honor of Cassie Beagle, Carol Cernugel in Honor of Sir Randall Beagle, Nancy Miyahira, Lisa Barbier,  Karen Gavidia, Pam Litten, Donelle Mayausky, Megan West,  Heather Field, Andrew Henckler, Kristin Stuhltrager, Anne Mockus, Kevin Levanduski, Lucinda Hodges, Renee Deyden, Grace & Philip Terzian, Cary Nugent, Jocelyne Leal-Romero, John Sheldon, Jim & Janet Toennies, Jerry Gladwell, Marilyn Buford, Anne Denner, Matthew Tosiello, Jennifer Pesanelli, Karen Garber, Buddy and Holly Stadig, Elijah Stauth, Eileen Forney, Joyce Adams, Kenneth Calvert, Terry Phillips, Holly Gurganus, Helen Barker, Andrew & Jenifer Schreiner, Andrea Fuentes, Melinda Way, Shannon Twohig, Camille and Chris Sommers, Monica Carnesi, Sarah Geroulo, Lisa Schafer, Bill Loveall, Laurie Woessner, Sherry Pinkham, David & Fergus Nicholas, Robert Breece, Michael Hott, Becky Moose, Phyllis Martin, Maria Allen, Gary Abosch, Judy Green, Lynda Lanning, Monica Berlin, Marcia Shields, Denise Smith, David Nicholas, Anne Maurer, Elizabeth Thompson, Julie Garces, Molly Lane, Megan O'Karma, Erin Cox, Elliott Pogue, Jeni Davis, Matthew and Donna Cook, Sarah and John Caldwell, Marlene Leparski, Christina Hunt, Brenda Darrah, JoAnne Linsell, Ken Ray, Sara Murphy, Chessie & Beasley Black (BREW Alumni), Lee Pearson, Ann Spavor, Samantha Cooper, Maura Shand, Cheryl Herold, Michael Pereira, Theresa & Steve Koenig, Michelle Connors, Jean Hillstrom, Maureen Edwards, Trish Reynolds, Larry and Leslie Irving  in Honor of Angel, BJ Altschul, Emily Weems, Joli Huelskamp, Diana Blumhagen, John Karian, Stuart & Elizabeth Weisberg, Tom Anderson, Joan Vaughan, Jennifer Serbanica, Carol Bull, Rick Fisher, Michelle Gianotti, Sharon King, Eric Geier, Deb Jackson, Michael Motes & Linda Ruggles; Anne Maurer; Gloria Thompson; Joyce Adams; Barbara Henckler; Maria Wolfe-DiBattista; Mike & Mary Lou Sharp; Denise Smith; June & Howard Pugh; Buddy & Scout Vreeland; Carol Cernugel, Mary Hughes, Rhonda Lehtinen, Medford Brown, Laurie Woessner, Anne Denner, Linda Hannett, Jennifer Serbanica, Susane Park, Michelle Snell, the Rogers Family In memory of Peggy Jo, Cathi & Chuck Brittle, Karen Stauffer, Jocelyn Leal-Romero, Pat Daly

34 Responses

  1. Michael J. Motes & Linda R. Rugges

    It has been a few months, how is Jenny these day? Thanks, MJM

  2. Carol Cernugel

    How is Jenny doing now?

  3. deb jackson

    Get well soon, Jenny! What a sweet face! Keep us updated!

  4. b j Altschul

    Such a sweet little girl you are, Jenny! We’ll all make sure you heal soon and find your forever home!

  5. Theresa and Steve Koenig

    Jenny, what a cutie you are! Hope your surgery goes well and you have a healthy recovery! Our thoughts are with you. <3

  6. Jane and Dwight

    We hope Jenny get better soon and heals quickly! In memory of our adopted beagle,Tasha, she brought great joy and pleasure to us and we hope to adopt again very soon! We would love to have Jenny in our home.

  7. Kristin and Daisy

    Daisy hopes her BREW friend gets better soon! Praying for a positive outcome and speedy recovery!

  8. Anne, Jim & Randy

    Jenny hopefully you will make a full recovery!

  9. Andrea and Wyatt

    Get well, Jenny! Wyatt was adopted from BREW almost 5 years ago. He, too, had had a leg operation before I brought him home. It was a success and he has been a happy dog ever since. Wishing you the same positive outcome and healthy recovery, sweet girl!

  10. Grace

    We once adopted a pound beagle with an injured leg (turns out he had been shot). The vet recommended amputation, but we took our chances and opted for surgery. Casper the beagle happily recovered full use of his leg and went on to live 10 more years!

  11. Cary/ Diane

    Love you get well Jenny! Find your forever loving home just like we did!
    Love, Dakota & Seca

  12. TOS, Eric, and Shelly

    Get well soon Jenny! You’re in good hands! I wish we could adopt you but someone is going to scoop you up quickly and you’ll be running around a nice yard in no time!

  13. Jennifer Pesanelli

    Awww!! So sorry little girl! I’ve had my femur pinned too. No fun! I wish you speedy recovery!

  14. Michael J. Motes & Linda R. Rugges

    Jenny, get well soon, from Capt. Kirk (BREW Beagle number 11-048)

  15. karen garber

    I hope you are spending a comfortable night recovering from a successful surgery. I would also like to discuss adoption. We have a BREW beagle now.

  16. Barbara Henckler

    In loving memory of Barley and Porter and Maggie (beagle-brittany). Heal fast, Jenny!

  17. eileen

    I send you strength little one..

  18. Janice

    I am trying to donate for Jenny’s welfare. Please send email, so I may contribute. I adopted LittleMan (Chase), and Caspian. They want to help Miss Jenny. We are doing great!

  19. Stephanie

    Get well soon sweet Jenny! Beagles rule!

  20. David & Fergus (formerly Chip)

    Get well Jenny! And poop on the vet who wanted to amputate prematurely!

  21. My donation is in honor of the 10 Beagles I have has the joy of spending my life with. My latest adoptee is still very shy. We think he escaped from a puppy mill since he was found with two pregnant female Beagles and he is constantly looking up like he expects something to fall on him. Hopefully by summer he will feel safe and loved and I can adopt another little girl for him. I would love to foster but once a Beagle comes in my house he or she is mine till death do us part.

  22. BREW beagles Molly and Olivia

    Feel better soon Jenny! We know you will find your forever home just like we did!
    Love, Molly and Olivia

  23. Erin Cox

    Wishing a speedy recovery from our beagle Gracie and our BREW beagle mix Gabe!

  24. Sara Murphy

    My donation to Jenny’s care is made in honor of BREW volunteer Susan Neibur, with whom I used to spend beagle-filled Saturdays at a Petco in Baltimore in our fostering days.

  25. Lee and Monday

    My BREW lab beagle (Monday) and I hope you feel better soon. I just donated.

  26. Nancy

    Just made a donation for her medical needs…i hope she gets better soon..we adopted “Chip” last June — now called “Fergus” from BREW and we love him. He might want a sister in the near future so keep us posted on Jenny… 🙂

  27. what state and where is Jenny?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Jenny is in the DC metro area.

  28. Karen

    I pray for a quick and swift recovery!!! Sending lots of love!!! You are true angel!!! 🙂

  29. Pam Litten

    Get well soon, baby girl.

  30. megan West

    Sweet Jenny!! Prayers for a quick recovery and that all goes well…kisses to you!!!

  31. Heather Field

    Beautiful Jenny! Sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way. XOXO

  32. Deborah Damiani

    She is so precious. Will she be in need of a foster home. Thank you.

  33. Jenny

    What a sweet girl… and we even have the same name. Wish I were as petite as she is! Hope she heals quickly!

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